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Applying For Long Term Disability

Long-term disability benefits can provide you with a steady source of income if you become unable to work due to an accidental injury, illness, or chronic health condition. These benefits may be available through your employer, provided as part of your overall employee compensation package. Unfortunately, applying for long-term disability and obtaining the benefits you are entitled to can end up proving challenging. To avoid denials and delays, follow these recommendations when filing your claim:

What to do When Filing a Long-Term Disability Claim

Your first step in applying for disability benefits should be to obtain a copy of the plan summary description and all other plan-related documents. Under the Employee Retirement Income Security Act of 1974 (ERISA), your employer is required to provide copies free of charge at your request. Read through the terms to ensure your condition is covered and that you meet all eligibility guidelines.

Once you are ready to apply for long-term disability benefits, it is important to take certain precautions to ensure your claim is approved, processed as quickly as possible, and for the maximum amount to which you are entitled. To do tips include:

  • Be thorough: Make sure you have submitted all the required documents listed on your application.
  • Be prompt in communications: Respond promptly to any correspondence you receive from your employer or the insurance company, providing additional information as requested.
  • Document everything associated with your claim: Document all correspondence and keep copies of all paperwork associated with your claim.
  • Tell the truth: Avoid making any type of false statements or exaggerating details surrounding your claim.

What NOT to do When Filing for Long-Term Disability Benefits

Insurers are thorough in reviewing claims and will be looking for ways to deny or delay your benefits. Do not give them a reason. The following are things you should NOT do when applying:

  • Oversharing information: Anything you say can be used against you. Avoid oversharing and answer any questions they ask as briefly as possible.
  • Discuss your pending claim: Avoid discussing your pending claim with friends or co-workers while you are awaiting approval.
  • Engaging in prohibited activities: Not following your doctor’s instructions regarding activity restrictions could result in a denied claim.
  • Posting on social media sites: Facebook is one of the first places insurers look for information to deny your claim. Avoid posting on all social media sites until your case is resolved.

Contact Our Chicago Long-Term Disability Attorneys

At Bartolic Law, we protect your rights when dealing with insurers so that you can get the maximum benefits you deserve in the least amount of time possible. To discuss how we can help you, contact our Chicago long-term disability attorneys to schedule a consultation today.

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