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CBS 2 News Features Attorney Michael Bartolic

When it comes to ERISA cases, clients often face strong resistance as they fight for their rightful benefits. Such is the case for Glenn Clarke, a Chicago man battling his insurance company who has repeatedly denied his disability claims. For Clarke, the claim denials have a significant impact on his well being. Having suffered two heart attacks and a five-way bypass surgery, Clarke has been declared permanently disabled and has been ordered by his doctors to no longer work.

Since Clarke had been paying insurance, he expected to receive long term disability benefits, which would have given him financial support now that he no longer receives a paycheck. However, Cigna, Clarke’s insurance provider, has refused to pay for his long term disability benefits, rejecting his claims three times. The insurance company states that there’s “no evidence” that Clarke would be unable to perform at work, despite how Clarke is currently at risk for a third heart attack. After surviving major health complications, Clarke now faces a new fight, one against an insurance company that refuses to pay for his disability benefits. 

In need of help, Clarke reached out to Michael Bartolic, who stepped up to the challenge of defending Clarke’s rights. As a Chicago ERISA attorney with years of experience litigating disability claims denial cases, Bartolic has helped Clarke make progress in his case by filing a complaint against Cigna two months prior.   

During his interview with CBS 2, Bartolic remarks that insurers aren’t afraid to put their customers at financial risk, taking advantage of them being in a vulnerable state. Bartolic further explains that unfortunately, benefit claims denials are relatively common. Associated cases can take years to resolve and often warrant the help of an ERISA attorney. 

As for Clarke, working alongside a competent attorney like Bartolic has proven beneficial. According to CBS 2, Cigna has released a statement claiming that they are negotiating with Mr. Clarke and Bartolic to solve the matter. 

With proper medical documentation and the assistance of a knowledgable ERISA attorney like Bartolic, claims denials can be more easily challenged. If you’re in need of an insurance attorney, contact the Law Office of Michael Bartolic. You can schedule a free initial consultation to discuss your case. 


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