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Chicago ERISA Lawsuits

You work hard at your job. Alongside your wages, employer-provided healthcare, disability insurance, pensions, and retirement accounts help to ensure that you and your family are provided for. It can come as a shock to file a claim only to have it denied or delayed. The Law Offices of Michael Bartolic can guide you through the legal actions needed in this situation. Chicago ERISA lawsuits focus on protecting your rights so that you can get the benefits you are entitled to. 

What is an ERISA Lawsuit?

U.S. Department of Labor statistics shows that more than 85% of workers are entitled to benefits through their employer. These benefits make up a significant portion of your overall compensation package. They also help ensure your financial security, regardless of the future and whatever unexpected circumstances you face.

At Bartolic Law, we guide clients in obtaining employer-provided benefits, defending their rights when faced with denials or delays. The Employee Retirement Income Security Act of 1974 (ERISA) imposes strict rules and timelines on employers in administering and paying out on benefit claims. If you file a claim and are denied, ERISA governs the appeals process. If your claim continues to be denied after an appeal, you have the right to take your employer and their insurer to court. Chicago ERISA lawsuits provide protecting in disputes regarding the following: 

  • Employer-provided medical and dental insurance coverage;
  • Short and long term disability benefits;
  • Employee wellness, education, and job training programs;
  • Retirement, pension, stock option, and severance package benefits;
  • SERP and other types of executive deferred compensation;
  • Life insurance and accidental death benefits.

Chicago ERISA Lawsuit Process

Each state has its own laws in place governing the rights of workers on the job and how they are treated by employers. When it comes to employer-benefits, ERISA is a federal law that trumps them all. Chicago ERISA lawsuits are handled through the U.S. District Court. Depending on the situation, Bartolic Law may be able to successfully resolve your claim without the need to ever go to trial. Steps in the process include: 

  • Reviewing your claim, the reasons for a denial, and gathering any additional evidence needed;
  • Informing the insurer of your intent to pursue a Chicago ERISA lawsuit;
  • Filing the appropriate legal documents with the court;
  • Attending pre-hearing conferences in an attempt to settle out of court. 

 Insurers will often opt for a settlement rather than spending additional time and money going to court. However, if a reasonable offer is not made, Bartolic Law will not hesitate to take your case to trial. 

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At Bartolic Law, we are dedicated to helping you get the benefits you deserve. To discuss the options in your case, contact our Chicago ERISA lawsuit attorney and request a consultation today. 

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