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Chicago Long-Term Disability Appeal Lawyers

Insurance companies are known for denying legitimate claims. This includes a claim for important benefits like long-term disability. When you have been seriously injured and can no longer work, you need the financial assistance that your long-term disability benefits offer.

There is already a waiting period that you must follow before your long-term disability benefits kick in. You don’t need an unnecessary denial to add more time to your claim. When you want to overturn your unfair denial with your long-term disability claim, reach out to the Chicago long term disability appeal lawyers at Bartolic Law.

Winning Your Long-Term Disability Appeal

You must follow the ERISA appeals process if your long-term disability insurance is through your employer. The ERISA appeals process is one of the strictest appeals processes you will go through.

You can’t afford to make any mistakes throughout the appeals process. That is why you need a Chicago long-term disability appeal lawyer who can create a winning strategy for you. Here are some ways that we can help overturn your denied claim.

Review Your Denied Disability Claim

To design the best strategy for your appeal, we must understand why the insurance company denied your claim in the first place. We can review a copy of your denied disability claim and determine the best way to approach your administrative record.

If the insurance company’s reason was a lack of sufficient medical evidence, we could make sure to include the strongest medical evidence in your record.

File Your Appeal By The Deadline

You have 180 days to file your appeal with an ERISA-sponsored insurance plan. Even though this may seem like enough time, 180 days can easily sneak up on you.

You want to make sure that you submit your appeal and supporting paperwork within the 180-day deadline. If you don’t, that is it. You can’t include any of your missing evidence at any point in the process.

We can keep track of your deadline and ensure all paperwork is submitted on time.

Include the strongest witness testimony

Expert witness testimony is the strongest type of evidence you can include in your administrative record. For many claimants, the most common witness testimony is the doctor.

Sometimes, your doctor’s opinion is the most credible evidence for your disability. Other times, the insurance companies will question the doctor’s opinion. We can determine how to proceed in both situations.

If the insurance companies need additional medical evidence, we can request a copy of your doctor’s medical notes to include in your record. If the insurance companies want to ask you to conduct an independent medical examination (IME), we can also prepare you on how to act during the examination.

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Contact a Chicago long-term disability appeal lawyer at Bartolic Law, who can help you claim the approval you need for your claim. Our lawyers are authentic and innovative enough to create the winning strategy you need for your appeal. Contact us online for your free consultation with a member of our team.

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