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Chicago Long Term Disability Appeals Lawyer

Long-term disability claims differ from most other types of insurance claims. Most attorneys don’t handle long-term disability claims. Many long-term disability insurance policies are overseen by a federal law called ERISA. 

ERISA oversees most group long-term disability policies obtained through your employer. Even federal judges say that ERISA is a rigged law in favor of insurance companies.  

ERISA is so complicated and contains so many difficult rules and deadlines that you should always file a long-term disability appeal with the help of a lawyer who is experienced and trained in the law of ERISA. 

Our long-term disability lawyers help claimants get the long-term disability (LTD) benefits they need after a sickness or injury. We are experienced in managing claims that arise from both group (ERISA) and individual long-term disability policies. If you are thinking about applying for long-term disability or if you recently had your benefits denied or terminated, we can assist.

How Our Long-Term Disability Lawyers Can Assist

If you have a long-term disability claim, here’s how we can assist you:

  1. If you’ve been denied long-term disability benefits or had your benefits terminated, we will examine your denial letter. You can email/mail/fax your denial letter to us. We will provide a strategy on how to get your benefits reinstated. You should act quickly. There are strict deadlines that apply. If you hire us, we will draft and send the appeal to have your benefits reinstated. If you’ve already filed your administrative appeal, we might be able to file a lawsuit against the insurance company. 
  2. Contact us to discuss your disability case. Our law firm thinks about empowering our clients through education, and we want to help those struggling with disability insurance get the info they need to make the best choice possible. We can assist in representing ERISA disability cases nationwide with local Chicago counsel at no additional expense and court approval.

What’s ERISA & How Does it Influence a Long-term Disability Claim?

ERISA is a federal law that strongly empowers insurance companies. The law is complicated and has particular rules and very short deadlines that you must observe. Your appeal for benefits will be dead on arrival if you do not. With these claims, you cannot afford to wait!

ERISA stands for the “Employee Retirement Income Security Act.” Congress passed ERISA to protect private health and pension plans, and it also governs many group long-term disability plans. ERISA sets out how disability claims are processed and how appeals are handled. 

If ERISA governs your long-term disability, you should have received a document stating that ERISA applies. If you aren’t sure, our ERISA-trained lawyers can help. Our long-term disability attorneys have handled ERISA claims and appeals and would be happy to confirm this for you with a free consultation.

Contact Our Chicago Long-Term Disability Appeals Lawyers

Our attorneys are experienced in long-term disability claims, whether your long-term disability insurance was obtained through your employer’s group plan (likely, an ERISA plan) or on an individual basis. If you have been denied benefits or were recently cut off from receiving benefits, contact us so we can help you.

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