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Your rights to employer-sponsored benefits, such as life, health, or disability insurance and pension plans, are covered under complex federal laws. When these benefits are denied or disputed, the Law Offices of Michael Bartolic have the knowledge and experience needed to guide you in filing an appeal. Our Cook County ERISA attorney has built a solid reputation both among our clients and within the legal community in handling these types of cases. Our legal expertise in handling denied and disputed benefit claims helps to ensure you get the best possible outcome in your case.

Legal Expertise in Complex Laws Regarding Employer-Sponsored Benefits

As insurance companies are a for-profit business, it is not uncommon for them to deny or dispute claims as a way of maintaining their own profits. In most cases, you could simply appeal the decision or file a lawsuit through the local court. However, when a denied or disputed claim involves benefits provided through employer-sponsored programs, there are complex federal laws in place governing both the claim and the appeals process.

The Employee Retirement Income Security Act of 1974 (ERISA) sets minimum standards for private employers who offer employee retirement and benefit programs. While it does not require them to provide these benefits, it does govern how they are administered. At Bartolic Law, our primary focus is on handling ERISA claims and appeals. This means that you can trust our Cook County ERISA attorneys to have both the knowledge and experience needed to successfully represent you in cases involving the following:  

  • Health insurance claims and denials;
  • Life insurance policies and benefit claims;
  • Short and long term disability benefits;
  • Retirement, 401k, and pension plan benefits;
  • SERP and other types of deferred compensation;
  • Cases involving mismanagement of funds and breach of fiduciary trust.

Some law firms offer their services in these types of cases, but their experience is primarily in Illinois state laws. While this may be helpful in cases involving labor and wage disputes, it is important to realize that ERISA trumps all other regulations when it comes to getting the employer-sponsored benefits to which you are entitled.  

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