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Denied Disability Claims for Cancer in Chicago

While not as deadly as it used to be, receiving a cancer diagnosis can feel as if a rug has been pulled out from under you. Suddenly, your life is filled with many uncertainties and unknowns. For example, you might not know how to keep your family financially afloat while receiving treatments and managing your diagnosis. If you have ERISA disability insurance, you probably feel relieved knowing you can count on it. Or can you? Sadly, many disability claimants are wrongfully denied access to the benefits they have paid for. They are frequently advised that they are “not disabled enough.” 

If you are experiencing denied disability claims for cancer in Chicago, you need representation from a seasoned attorney. You’ll find that attorney at Bartolic Law. Your lawyer can help you fight back against a claim denial by documenting how your cancer symptoms and the side effects of your treatment keep you from working.

Appealing Denied Disability Claims for Cancer in Chicago

If you are denied disability claims for cancer in Chicago, you have the right to an appeal. However, your appeal must meet your insurance company’s strict requirements, and it should also be thorough. It should include:

When you hire a disability lawyer to help you with your appeal, they can work with your cancer specialists to collect evidence in support of your disability claim. Your evidence should include:

  • The type of cancer you were diagnosed with– Not all cancers are the same, some are more aggressive than others, and some are more responsive to treatment. Still, other types of cancers can have disabling symptoms, including bowel problems,  bone pain, and internal bleeding.
  • The stage of cancer – Typically, stage 1 cancer claims are denied, and Stage 4 claims are approved. It’s often unclear which Stage 2 and Stage 3 will get approved or denied.
  • Treatment side effects – Chemotherapy, radiation, and surgery can lead to many incapacitating symptoms, including fatigue, nausea, headaches, fever, diarrhea, vomiting, substantial weight loss, shortness of breath, memory problems, and increased susceptibility to infections. All of your debilitating symptoms should be documented to show how they interfere with performing your job.
  • Job demands – Some industries and jobs are more physically demanding than others. Some are not as flexible to accommodate medical appointments and the many potential setbacks involved with the progression of cancer and its treatments.

Insurance carriers use their own medical experts who will frequently contest the severity of cancer symptoms or if they prevent the claimant from doing their job. However, with experienced legal help, many denied disability claims for cancer in Chicago are eventually approved.

Do You Need Help with Denied Disability Claims for Cancer in Chicago?

Denied disability claims for cancer in Chicago can send policyholders into a panic, and rightfully so. You are already burdened and under immense stress by your diagnosis and treatments. The last thing you need to worry about is the denial of your disability claim. At Bartolic Law, our experienced legal team can handle your denial on your behalf. We want you to focus on your rest and fighting your cancer battle. We can fight your disability denial. Please reach out and contact us today to receive a complimentary case consultation. We look forward to the opportunity to serve you.

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