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Denied Long Term Disability for Accountants in Chicago

Accountants inherently have taxing jobs. Whether working for the private or public sector, much is demanded of them both physically and mentally. When they encounter a disability that precludes them from going to work and earning a wage, their lives are often turned upside down. Since most accountants are employed because they need to make a living, not being able to go to work can be financially, mentally, and emotionally devastating. 

If they have long-term disability insurance through their employer, they should be able to rely on it. However, many Chicago accountants find out that they can’t once they file a claim. Disability insurance companies find ways to deny claims so that they don’t have to pay for them. Having your claim denied or fighting with the insurance company to get it approved isn’t something you should have to do while you are experiencing a disability. Instead, hire a seasoned Chicago long-term disability claims attorney who can manage your claim on your behalf and fight for the compensation you deserve. 

When Accountants Face Disabilities

Much is demanded from people working in accounting positions. Physically, they must be able to stare at a computer screen for hours, have fast and accurate typing skills, and sit in a chair for many hours a day. While this might seem like a lot, it can be for someone suffering from a disability such as carpal tunnel syndrome, chronic fatigue syndrome, or fibromyalgia. Even minor disabilities can keep them from being able to do their job physically.

Accounting jobs are also mentally demanding. They must be skilled in federal and state laws, accounting and business processes, working quickly, performing mental math, meeting specific deadlines, and be able to handle stress. Their job may also require them to liaise with external and internal auditors, provide financial advice, present financial information to colleagues and management, or prepare reports, budgets, and forecasts. Suppose an accountant suffers a disability that impacts them mentally or emotionally. In that case, it’s unlikely that they will be able to effectively perform their job. In fact, they could make innocent mistakes that put their employer at risk. 

Were You Denied Long Term Disability for Accountants in Chicago?

Disability insurance companies are notorious for denying claims in an attempt to inflate their profits. In doing so, they keep honest workers from receiving the financial support they need while they are unable to return to work. If you’ve been denied long-term disability, it’s time to enlist the help of an experienced Chicago long-term disability claims lawyer. Your attorney can help you prepare and file a strong appeal showing that:

  • You were diagnosed with a disability
  • Your disability is expected to be long-term
  • Your disability keeps you from effectively performing your job duties

Contact a Seasoned Chicago Long Term Disability Claims Attorney for Help

Far too often, the seasoned Chicago long-term disability claims lawyers at Bartolic Law serve disability claimants who are appealing an unfair denial. While we wish their claim had been approved in the first place, we are honored to go to work for them to get them the compensation they deserve. Contact us today for help with your long-term disability claim.

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