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Denied Long Term Disability for Teachers in Chicago

Schools play in the lives of not just children and parents but also employers and business owners. The health and well-being of Chicago area schools’ teachers, administrators, and staff have never been more important. As a disability law firm, we are committed to serving school communities, dedicating much of our time and resources to support teachers and staff struggling with their health, and considering whether to stop working. 

If you or a loved one was denied long-term disability for teachers in Chicago, you don’t have to simply accept this outcome and move on. You have legal rights and options that should be discussed with competent legal counsel. Reach out to our office to speak to an experienced long-term disability denial lawyer as soon as possible.

Can Teachers Work with a Disability?

Teachers have physical, cognitive, and emotionally demanding jobs. They are often on their feet while instructing students, setting up and maintaining their classrooms, moving supplies, or even physically caring for some students. Depending on the grade that they teach, students often need emotional support, and the circumstances Chicago area teachers are exposed to can be especially traumatic. Of course, teachers must be experts in their subject area and able to recall many processes and facts and explain them in a way that others understand. 

Suppose a teacher develops an illness or condition or is diagnosed with a disease. In that case, they may not be able to perform some or all of their regular job duties. In these situations, they are entitled to receive compensation under their long-term disability insurance policy. However, it’s never a simple process, and many claims are initially denied.

Why are Long Term Disability Claims for Teachers Denied?

Unfortunately, many long-term disability claims for teachers are denied because the disability insurance company states that there is no:

  • Objective basis for their illness or condition
  • Factual basis for the restrictions and limitations assigned by their doctor
  • Causal relationship between their medical condition restrictions and limitations, and their inability to do their own or any occupation.
  • Reason they can’t work in a sedentary capacity

They want you to accept these denial reasons and forget your claim. However, if you were denied long-term disability for teachers in Chicago, you have the right to appeal their decision. Appeals are typically more successful when done with a well-versed long-term disability denial lawyer by your side.

Were You Denied Long Term Disability for Teachers in Chicago?

When you pay premiums for a group long-term disability insurance policy, they are supposed to ensure that benefits are available if and when you need them. In most cases, long-term disability payments start after you have missed six months of work, although insurance policies can vary. If your claim for long-term disability benefits as a teacher is denied, you have the right to file for an appeal. However, this is a complex legal process making the guidance of an experienced long-term disability denial attorney valuable.

Should you or a loved one have a claim for long-term disability benefits denied, it’s crucial that you are aware of your legal rights and options. A skilled long-term disability denial attorney can provide more information on how to pursue the benefits that you or your loved one are due under Illinois law. Contact Bartolic Law today to schedule your free legal consultation.

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