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Denied Long Term Disability for Tech Workers in Chicago

No matter your profession or job role, you could be diagnosed with a disability that keeps you from performing your duties. Suppose this has recently happened to you or a family member. In that case, you know how concerning such a diagnosis is—not only for your physical health and well-being but also for your financial health and well-being. In these cases, you deserve compensation from your long-term disability insurance. After all, you’ve been paying premiums for it—it should be there if and when you need to rely on it to support you and your family. Unfortunately, it’s easier said than done to receive these benefits. If you were denied long-term disability for tech workers in Chicago, seek the help of a skilled long-term disability denial attorney as soon as possible.

The Job Demands of Tech Workers

Whether you are an IT support specialist, a system engineer, or an architect, your job is physically and mentally demanding. One day you could be on the floor while bending and twisting to troubleshoot equipment; the next, you might be straining your back and eyes while trying to determine how to solve an urgent and stressful IT problem for half of your company’s workforce. Whatever your job in the tech world entails, suffering a long-term disability can leave you unable to perform your job in any capacity or other jobs for that matter.

What You Should Know About ERISA Long-Term Disability Denials

Most group disability insurance claims involve a complex set of federal laws. Under the Employee Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA), claimants can typically only litigate wrongful group disability insurance delays, denials, and terminations after submitting a timely administrative appeal.

What group long-term disability insurers don’t tell claimants or policyholders is that the evidence you submit during an administrative appeal is the only evidence permitted to be used if you end up filing a federal ERISA lawsuit for wrongful denial of group benefits. You can’t introduce new evidence in your claim at this point or call and cross-examine witnesses. 

These cases are different from others as a jury won’t hear your case. Instead, a federal judge reviews the case without argument, and unfortunately, the standard to win is random and unpredictable. The judge is only allowed to make their decision based on what you submitted to your insurance company in the underlying group disability insurance claim and your group administrative appeal.

Having a seasoned Chicago long-term disability denial lawyer on your side early in the ERISA claims process could help guard your legal rights. We can help you file a legally sufficient administrative appeal within the appropriate deadline. Furthermore, we will position your case for the best chances of success should you need to file an ERISA federal lawsuit to seek the group disability benefits you are entitled to.

Were You Denied Long Term Disability for Tech Workers in Chicago?

At Bartolic Law, our long-term disability denial attorneys know the disability insurance companies’ tricks to keep you from getting what you deserve. We also know how to use the laws that govern them to your benefit. Whether your disability benefits were unfairly delayed, denied, or reduced, consult with us as soon as you can. Schedule your free disability consultation by contacting the advocates at Bartolic Law today. Keep in mind that your claim, appeal, and legal rights have deadlines—don’t delay getting the help you need.

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