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ERISA Attorney Near Oak Park

Pension plans allow employees to invest in their future securely. When a person reaches retirement age, they will be able to tap into these hard-earned benefits. The federal tax and labor law referred to as the Employee Retirement Income Security Act of 1974 (ERISA) offers criteria and protections for workers who participate in these plans. 

ERISA was established to set basic employee benefits standards for participants. A private sector employee is covered under these protections. Suppose there are any concerns or violations, the U.S. The Department of Labor, Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation, and the U.S. Treasury would be the agencies that enforce and interpret ERISA regulations. 

Many ERISA cases will be legally handled through a derivative action that involves the plan member suing the plan managers. Other cases may require a class action lawsuit. Unfortunately, not everyone keeps their word, and you may find yourself looking for an ERISA attorney near Oak Park when your retirement is in danger. 

ERISA Cases We Handle

It is a shock when a plan member realizes their pension and retirement plans have been thwarted by the plan managers. Plan members depend and plan on their investments to retire peacefully and reap the benefits of many years of hard work. There are various types of ERISA litigation Bartolic Law Handles, including but not limited to:

  • Severance Plan Litigation
  • Health Plans’ Refusals to Cover Medical Expenses in Personal Injury Cases
  • Consulting Personal Injury and Workers’ Compensation Settlement Structure
  • ERISA Removal Defense (ERISA Preemption)
  • Assisting Employment Lawyers with ERISA Elements
  • Benefit Plan Overpayment Defense

There are many times when Michael Bartolic has consulted with clients and determined that there was the basis of an ERISA class action lawsuit. 

Class Action Lawsuits

Of the various ERISA cases, the most grueling are class action lawsuits. Few ERISA attorneys near Oak Park have the wherewithal and knowledge to take on and successfully win these cases. Bartolic Law is one of them. There are various causes of action found in class action ERISA cases, such as:

  • Denial of benefits
  • Breach of fiduciary duty
  • Appropriate equitable relief against non-fiduciaries to remedy violations 
  • Interference with a person’s exercise of ERISA rights
  • Common law claims 

The central premise of ERISA class action lawsuits is that if a private employer violates ERISA mandates and causes harm to their employees’ pension plans, then a class action lawsuit can be filed by an ERISA attorney on behalf of all employees. You will need to consult with an ERISA attorney near Oak Park to discuss your options if this sounds like you. 

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Even if you have started your cases elsewhere, Bartolic Law can take over after evaluating your circumstances. Michael Bartolic has experience working with other attorneys in the area to file appeals when an ERISA case has not shown favorable results. In the Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals, we will work to get you better results for your cases even if we did not handle the matter in district court. Michael Bartolic is dedicated to getting justice for all clients. For an initial consultation, use our contact form.

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