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Hundreds, if not thousands, of disability claims are denied every year. This can be disheartening not only because of the financial implications but also because of how much effort goes into navigating the complex ERISA and insurance laws. 

Fortunately, if you’re amid a disability claim or are in the initial stages, you can obtain assistance from a reputable Orland Park law firm like Bartolic Law. Our law firm’s qualified attorneys have decades of experience navigating ERISA and insurance law pertaining to client disability claims.

We do our best with every case to ensure every client has an equal opportunity to even the odds they face. Let’s look at what you need to know about ERISA and how it can impact your disability claim.

What Exactly Is ERISA?

In essence, ERISA is a federal law. This law governs how employers handle and pay out pension, disability, and other benefits. ERISA details your rights when you file a disability claim and explains the time frame you must adhere to and what evidence you need. Additionally, it’s important to note that ERISA only covers the benefits you’re entitled to and covers no extra compensation. 

Who Does ERISA Protect?

ERISA should cover those who work for any private employer or company. ERISA applies to various private sector companies that offer employees retirement plans, pension plans, and welfare benefits. Additionally, if you work with a sole proprietor, c-corporation, LLC, nonprofit organization, S-corporation, or small business with only one or two employees, ERISA law is also applicable. 

Who Does ERISA Not Apply To?

Since we discussed who ERISA protects, we want to also discuss who ERISA does not apply to. Have a quick look below at our brief list

  • Various unfunded excess benefit plans. 
  • Religious institutions and various churches. 
  • Various plans that are maintained outside the US for non-residents. 
  • Government entities and employees. 
  • Various benefit plans that are being maintained for the sole purpose of complying with workers comp, unemployment laws, or disability benefits. 

What Are The Types Of Benefits Protected By ERISA?

Unfortunately, even though ERISA covers a wide range of employers, it only covers selected benefits. That’s why it’s usually best to speak with an Orland Park ERISA attorney to determine which of your benefits are protected by this law. Typically you can expect ERISA to cover the following benefits:

  • Scholarship benefits.
  • Various long-term care insurance plans. 
  • Defined contribution and defined benefit funds. 
  • Various welfare benefits plans. 
  • Flexible spending accounts. 
  • Company travel insurance plans. 
  • Prescription, dental, medical, and vision insurance plans. 
  • Disability insurance plans. 
  • Severance plans. 
  • Long-term care insurance plans. 

An attorney can tell you if there are any other benefits you have that are covered by ERISA that are not on the above list. 

How Does The Claims Process Work?

The claims process is often involved, but we have simplified it to better understand what you should expect after you have been injured or developed an illness. 

  • You get in touch with an experienced and long-term professional disability and ERISA attorney. 
  • You work with your insurance provider and attorney to file a disability insurance claim. 
  • Should your claim be denied, you work with your lawyer to file a claim appeal with your insurance provider. 
  • If, after submitting a claim appeal, you are denied again, you will then work with your attorney to file a lawsuit against your insurance provider. Your lawsuit will include your demands for full and fair benefits. 
  • Should your lawsuit be denied, an attorney will take your case to the US Court of Appeals and present your case in the hopes of obtaining the benefits you deserve. 

Speak With A Orland Park ERISA Attorney Today To Talk About Your Claim

At Bartolic Law, we understand that choosing an Orland Park ERISA attorney can be incredibly challenging and overwhelming. That’s why we will do everything we can at Bartolic Law to ensure you find working with us a hassle-free and stress-free experience. 

We will leverage the experience we have with handling ERISA claims in the past to ensure you have the best chance possible at receiving the benefits you deserve. Simply get in touch with our Orland Park law firm at your earliest convenience, and someone from our team will reach out to arrange a consultation. 


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