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Many people who are denied ERISA benefits are confused as to what to do next. They feel like they did everything right and cannot figure out why they are being denied. They made their contributions when they were working, they attended their doctors’ appointments when they became disabled, they followed their doctors’ orders to a “T,” they filled out the ERISA benefits application as completely and truthfully as they could, and they were certainly eligible for ERISA benefits, from what they had been told.

Sadly, ERISA claims are denied too often. You hear about it with car accident claims and Social Security disability claims, but most people would not expect to be denied for long term disability benefits – not when they were making financial contributions the entire time they were working to ensure that they were covered, if the worst case scenario occurred.

ERISA Claims Denied Due to SSDI?

Other times, ERISA applicants are required to apply for Social Security disability (SSDI) benefits. When they receive the approval for Social Security disability benefits, they expect to be approved for long term disability (LTD) benefits, as well. However, to their surprise, they are denied for LTD benefits, leaving them wondering where they went wrong. Just because SSDI benefits are approved does not mean that LTD benefits are going to be approved, as well.

In fact, many LTD claims are denied based on the fact that the SSDI was approved. While this does not make sense, and it certainly is not right, it is exactly what happens. That is why our team at Bartolic Law will fight for the benefits that our clients deserve. Not that we expect everything in life to be fair, but if someone is eligible for ERISA benefits and they are denied, justice is not being served.

We Can Help!

At Bartolic Law, we believe that justice is served when our clients obtain the benefits they are entitled to. When employees make plan contributions, they believe that their contributions are being made to ensure that if anything happens in the future, they will be secure and receive their benefits, with no questions asked. Unfortunately, too many people are not allowed the benefits they are rightly entitled to, which is confusing and frustrating at the same time. That is where we step in.

If you have been denied ERISA benefits, we know how you are feeling. At Bartolic Law, all of our clients have felt similar to the way you feel right now. We take the time to listen to our clients, to hear what they are going through and what their families are experiencing due to the denial of benefits, and we work diligently to right the situation. If you are ready to get your situation righted, call one of our Evanston ERISA attorneys today at (510) 992-6130 and we will provide you with a free evaluation of your case.

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