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Long-term disabilities can significantly affect an individual’s life and can prevent them from performing ordinary, everyday tasks, such as going to work, and from doing the things that they love, such as biking, running, or simply enjoying time with their family. Long-term disability insurance is meant to help those with long-term disabilities receive the care and support they need to recover from their injuries and get back on their feet. Unfortunately, dealing with insurance companies is anything but easy, as most insurance companies try to nickel and dime their clients out of the compensation they need and deserve. 

If you have a long-term disability, and if you simply are not up for haggling with the insurance companies so that you may receive the support you need to get back to living a full and healthy life, a skilled Evanston long-term disability attorney from Bartolic Law is prepared to advocate for your benefits on your behalf. For specific information regarding your case, contact our law firm to speak with an experienced long-term disability lawyer today.

What Does Long-Term Disability Insurance Cover?

Many individuals mistakenly believe that long-term disability coverage only covers disabilities accrued on the job. However, an estimated 95 percent of long-term disability claims are non-work related. Long-term disability coverage is intended to pick up where short-term disability coverage left off and is meant to cover a wide range of conditions such as cancer, mental illness, neurological disorders, and certain degenerative diseases, as well as work-related injuries.

Some long-term disability insurance plans pay out 50 to 60 percent of a person’s wages for a set period of time, while other policies will continue to payout so long as the individual is disabled, up until the age of 65 when retirement benefits kick in. 

The goal of long-term disability insurance coverage is to get an individual back on their feet as quickly and as safely as possible. With that in mind, insurance carriers will be willing to compensate an injured person to a degree but will balk if they suspect that recovery is going to take an exponential amount of time and resources. Because of this, it is best to have an Evanston long-term disability attorney on your side during the entire claims process.

Why Work With an Evanston Long-Term Disability Attorney?

The long-term disability claims process can be a complex and time-consuming one—one that disabled individuals simply do not have the time for. Many individuals need to focus 100 percent of their attention on recovering, which can be hard to do when they are worried about paperwork, claim denials, and a host of other inconveniences that come with filing a disability claim. However, if you have a long-term disability and if you have been paying the premiums on long-term disability coverage, you are entitled to the benefits you paid for. 

A disability attorney can take over the claims process for you and work to ensure that you receive your benefits while you sit back and focus on getting better.

From preparing your claims for a lawsuit to hiring vocational experts as potential witnesses, an Evanston long-term disability lawyer can take over your case and fight for you to receive the benefits that you deserve.

Consult with an Evanston Long-Term Disability Attorney 

At Bartolic Law, our long-term disability attorneys are adept at advocating on behalf of individuals who feel powerless against insurance giants and their aggressive legal teams. If you have a long-term disability, and if you had the foresight to pay for long-term disability coverage, you do not need to deal with the pain and hassle of fighting for what is rightfully yours. Let our Evanston long-term disability attorneys do the fighting for you while you focus on getting better. To speak with a long-term disability lawyer regarding your case, contact our Evanston disability law firm today.

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