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Evanston Long-Term Disability Attorney

Serious illnesses and chronic medical conditions impact more than just your health. They can jeopardize your ability to provide financially for yourself and those you love. The stress and worry that result only aggravate the situation. At the Law Offices of Michael Bartolic, we are here to help. 

Our experienced Evanston long-term disability attorney provides the professional legal representation you need to get disability benefits. These can offset the lost income you suffer if you are unable to work for a year or longer. To protect your rights in filing a claim, contact our office and request a consultation today.  

Our Evanston Long-Term Disability Helps You Get the Benefits You Deserve

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), more than half of all workers have long-term disability benefits available through their employer. These reimburse a portion of your lost income in the event an injury, illness, or chronic health condition prevents you from working for a year or longer. 

After paying into these policies for years, it can come as a shock to find your benefits denied or disputed at the very time you need them the most. If this happens to you or someone you love, reach out to the Law Offices of Michael Bartolic. Our Evanston long-term disability attorney takes the actions needed to protect your rights. This includes:  

  • Reviewing the terms of your long-term disability coverage;
  • Helping you get medical records, wage statements, and other information needed in filing a claim;
  • Making sure your application is submitted properly;
  • Communicating with insurers on your behalf;
  • Intervening when disputes or delays happen;
  • Appealing denied long-term disability claims. 

We Fight to Get You the Long-Term Disability Benefits You Deserve

Long-term disability benefits provide a lifeline when issues with your health prevent you from working for a year or more. However, it is not uncommon for claims to be either denied or disputed. Common reasons for this include: 

  • Disputes over disability insurance coverage dates;
  • Claiming your condition is not covered or falls under policy exclusions;
  • Denials due to failing to file claims properly or provide adequate supporting documentation;
  • Disputes over whether your condition is severe enough to prevent you from working. 

In this situation, your rights are protected under the Employee Retirement Income Security Act of 1974 (ERISA). It governs how long-term disability benefits are administered and dictates the policies for filing appeals. At the Law Offices of Michael Bartolic, LLC., our Evanston long-term disability attorney has extensive experience in this complex area of law and how it applies in different cases. We take the legal actions needed in cases of denials or delays, helping you get the maximum benefits you are entitled to in the quickest manner possible.   

Contact Our Evanston Long-Term Disability Attorney Today

When disability benefits are denied or disputed, the Law Offices of Michael Bartolic take the legal actions needed to protect your rights. Call or contact our Evanston long-term disability attorney online to request a consultation today. 

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