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Glencoe ERISA Appeals Lawyer

Employer provided benefits help provide for your health, well-being, and financial security. It can come as a shock when the benefits you worked hard to earn are denied at the very time you need them most. At Bartolic Law, we are a strong ally on your side in this situation. Employer provided benefits are subject to complex federal regulations, which guide the appeals process. As experienced Glencoe ERISA appeals lawyers, we provide the trusted guidance and professional representation you need to successfully navigate this situation. Our goal is to ensure you get the maximum amount of benefits to which you are entitled. 

Have You Been Denied Employer Provided Benefits?

Employer provided benefits make up a significant portion of your overall compensation package, and you count on these benefits to be there when you need them. However, benefits policies often contain numerous clauses and conditions that can be used to deny or delay your claim. 

The Employee Retirement Income Security Act of 1974 (ERISA) helps to protect your rights in this situation and governs the appeals process. As an experienced Glencoe ERISA appeals lawyer, we can guide you through the complex and highly technical procedures that must be followed. The Law Offices of Robert Bartolic handles disputes and denials involving the following types of benefits: 

  • Employee wellness, education, and job training programs;
  • Medical and dental insurance coverage;
  • Retirement, pension, or stock option benefits;
  • Accident injury and short term disability insurance;
  • Long term care coverage in the event of permanent disabilities;
  • Severance packages;
  • Life insurance and accidental death policies.

Appealing Denied Employer Provided Benefit Claims

According to statistics from the U.S. Department of Labor, more than 85% of all employees are entitled to various health and welfare benefits through their employer. Unfortunately, obtaining the benefits you were promised can often present problems. Common reasons your employer may give for denying your benefit claim include: 

  • Disputes regarding dates your coverage went into effect;
  • Claims you were not properly vested in benefit plans;
  • Claim you failed to meet the terms of coverage or fall under policy exclusions;
  • Procedural errors and mismanagement on the part of benefit administrators.  

When you are denied benefits for any reason, ERISA governs the appeals process. Bartolic Law can file the appropriate documents on your behalf, representing you at appeals hearings and presenting compelling arguments in support of your claim.

Get Our Glencoe ERISA Appeals Lawyer on Your Side

When employer provided benefits you are entitled to are denied, Bartolic Law acts as a strong legal ally on your side. Contact our Glencoe ERISA appeals lawyer today and request a consultation to discuss how we can help you. 

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