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Highland Park ERISA Appeals

Highland Park ERISA Appeals

Benefits provided through your employer can help ensure you and your loved ones are provided for, now and in the years to come. When these benefits are denied, the Law Offices of Michael Bartolic provides the aggressive legal representation you need. Our experienced Highland Park ERISA appeals attorneys can guide you through the complex laws and procedures which apply in these situations, helping you get the best possible results in your case. 

When Employee Benefits are Denied

The Employee Retirement Income Security Act of 1974 (ERISA) is a federal law which governs employee benefit programs offered through private employers. It sets minimum standards for how these programs are funded and administered while governing the claims process. It also provides guidelines for filing appeals which both employers and employees must follow in the event benefits are denied. 

ERISA rules tend to be complex. Failure to follow the provisions of these laws increases the likelihood of being denied benefits. At Bartolic Law, you can trust us to provide the professional legal guidance you need in Highland Park ERISA appeals. Cases we represent include: 

  • Health and disability insurance benefit claims;
  • Long term care insurance denials;
  • Disputes concerning life insurance and accidental death policies;
  • Denial of retirement, pension, or stock option benefits;
  • Failure to provide employee wellness, job training, or other types of covered programs.

Employee benefits can be denied for a variety of reasons. With insurance policies, there may be disputes regarding coverage dates or limits, policy exclusions, and procedural errors. With retirement, pension, and other funded benefits, administrators may claim you were not properly vested, or there may be issues regarding mismanagement or misappropriation of funds.  

Representing You in Highland Park ERISA Appeals

At Bartolic Law, we provide aggressive legal representation in Highland Park ERISA appeals. Employer requirements in denied claims include informing you of the decision within the appropriate time frames, providing a valid reason for the denial, and notifying you of any additional information required. Once our experienced ERISA attorneys are on the case, we can take the following actions on your behalf: 

  • Reviewing all documents involving your employee benefit plan;
  • Reviewing all correspondence from your employer or the insurer;
  • Gathering the evidence needed to support your claim;
  • Requesting an appeal hearing;
  • Representing you throughout the appeals process and making strong arguments in your favor;
  • Filing a civil lawsuit, in the event your appeal is denied. 

Get Our Highland Park ERISA Appeals Attorney on Your Side

When important employer-provided benefits are on the line, Bartolic Law acts as a strong legal advocate on your side. Call or contact our Highland Park ERISA appeals attorney today and request a free consultation to discuss how we can help in your case.

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