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Kenilworth ERISA Litigation Attorney

Kenilworth ERISA Litigation Attorney

ERISA is a complex federal law that sets minimum standards for employer-provided benefit programs and how they are administered. When problems arise, and you are denied important benefits you are entitled to through your job, our Kenilworth ERISA litigation attorney provides the trusted guidance and aggressive legal representation you need. To ensure you get the benefits you deserve, get the Law Offices of Bartolic Law on your side. 

ERISA and Employee Benefit Claims

When it comes to administering employer-provided benefits, there are complex federal laws that apply. The Employee Retirement Income Security Act of 1974 (ERISA) does not require employers to provide benefits, but it does grant employees certain rights and sets minimum standards that plan administrators and insurers must follow. This includes: 

  • Requires employers to provide a copy of all benefit-related documents to workers, free of charge and at their request;
  • Requires administrators to manage benefit plans in a way that serves the employees best interests;
  • Provides procedures which must be following when processing claims;
  • Governs the appeals process when a benefit claim is denied;
  • Allows for a federal lawsuit in the event claims are denied on appeal. 

At Bartolic Law., we can guide you in how ERISA is likely to apply in your case. When disputes do arise over retirement plans, severance packages, medical, life, or disability insurance, and other common types of employer-provided benefits, you can trust our Kenilworth ERISA litigation attorney to take the aggressive legal actions needed. 

Cases Involving ERISA Litigation

While there are state laws that govern employee benefit programs, ERISA trumps them all. It sets national standards in regard to ERISA claims and appeals procedures. At Bartolic Law. you can count on our decades worth of experience and our knowledge of this complex federal law to successfully represent you in the following types of cases: 

  • Denied medical benefits and disputes over coverage;
  • Denied or delayed short and long term disability claims;
  • Problems in collecting on life insurance policies;
  • Disputes over pension plans and other retirement benefits;
  • Disputes over severance packages, deferred compensation, and stock sharing plans;
  • Denials and delays in paying other types of employer-provided benefits. 

As an experienced Kenilworth ERISA litigation attorney, we are dedicated to ensuring you get the benefits you deserve. 

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When problems arise in collecting on employer-provided benefits you are entitled to, get the aggressive legal representation you need from Bartolic Law. Call or contact our Kenilworth ERISA litigation attorney online to request a consultation today.  

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