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Long-Term Care Lawyer Near Me

Michael Bartolic of Bartolic Law is an experienced, first-class Chicago long-term care lawyer. Bartolic Law will be in your corner and a part of your team as we work to get you the longer-term care coverage that you need. 

Long-term care coverage insurance can be confusing. It can be overwhelming to think about how you might need to have long-term daily care to help you perform normal activities of life. To get more informed about long-term care, continue reading below. 

What Is Long-Term Care Insurance?

Long-term care insurance is insurance coverage held by an individual specifically to cover care associated with chronic illness, long-term illness, critical and significant maintenance, and old age. Long-term care insurance covers problems that occur when a person cannot do two or more activities of daily living (ADLs). ADLs include:

  • Using the restroom
  • Dressing on your own
  • Lack of bladder or bowel control
  • Using the bathroom on your own
  • Grooming and bathing 
  • Feeding yourself 

How Much Does Long-Term Care Insurance Cost?

Long-term care insurance is an additional insurance policy that is separate from your traditional life insurance policy and health insurance policy. You can get long-term care coverage in several ways. Some employers offer long-term care coverage, and the premiums are deducted from your paycheck, just like health insurance. If you are lower-income, you may qualify for long-term care coverage through Medicaid. You can also pay for long-term care coverage privately. 

The cost of long-term care coverage depends on several factors. The cost of your long-term care coverage will be based on factors like: 

  • Your age 
  • Your marital status
  • Your gender
  • The amount of coverage 

What Are Some Common Problems With Long-Term Care Insurance?

The biggest problem getting coverage for a long-term need is insurance companies failing to pay benefits once you need it. Insurance companies can string along insurance holders attempting to prove that they do not need long-term coverage. At Bartolic Law, we have seen that happen before. Call Bartolic Law today to get an experienced legal team in your corner. 

Your insurance company may try to deny your long-term care claim by denying that you are unable to perform two or more activities of daily living. It is important that you keep a record of your daily struggles. Bartolic Law has years of experience battling insurance companies and proving that our clients need help.

Is My Long-Term Care Policy Affected by ERISA?

Your long-term care policy may be affected by ERISA. ERISA is the Employee Retirement Insurance Act. ERISA was enacted to protect employees. ERISA sets minimum standards that that policy administers must keep regarding your policy. If you have a policy through your work, your long-term coverage is likely subject to ERISA regulations; however, it is not subject to ERISA if you have a privately purchased individual long-term care policy. One of the most significant benefits of having an ERISA policy is having the right to sue for benefits if you are denied care. 

Navigating ERISA regulations can be complex. You need an experienced Chicago long-term care lawyer who is a top-of-the-line advocate for clients denied long-term care coverage. Call Bartolic Law to schedule a consultation today.

A Long-Term Care Lawyer Near You Is Here to Assist

Michael Bartolic of Bartolic Law is at the top of his field. The Chicago long-term care lawyer is excited to be your advocate as you get the care you need. Call Bartolic Law today for a consultation and get an exceptional legal team behind you.

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