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Long Term Disability Appeals Lawyer Chicago

Your long-term disability insurance should cover a percentage of your wages if you suffer a disabling condition that renders you incapable of working, and it can be incredibly disheartening if your insurance provider denies your disability claim. Fortunately, you can take certain steps when you appeal your claim to secure the benefits you’ve worked hard for. 

At Bartolic Law, we want you to secure the disability benefits you deserve. With the knowledge and experience of our long-term disability appeals lawyer in Chicago, we will be with you at every step of the appeals process. 

Appealing a Denied Long-Term Disability Claim

We can figure out the best steps to take once we get a full understanding of the reasons why your insurance provider denied your claim. We will need to strengthen certain areas of your disability claim and get additional and stronger evidence. Acquiring the right pieces of evidence is especially vital when appealing a claim. Our long-term disability appeals lawyer in Chicago can: 

  • Review and update your evidence – This might mean meeting with all the doctors who have treated you and having your condition reassessed. Your insurer will be looking for evidence that you’re still disabled and will be disabled for some time – not months before.
  • Obtain stronger medical evidence – Sometimes, medical records may not suffice to meet the disability definition stated in your insurance policy. We can back your records with stronger medical evidence from relevant experts who can reevaluate your condition with supplementary tests, including functional and neurological capacity evaluations. 
  • Acquire a medical report from your treating physicians – Personal reports from all your treating physicians and other medical providers can better highlight the symptoms and disabling aspects of your condition that might have been overlooked in your diagnosis or medical records. These reports will contain more intricate information about your disability and support your official medical records. 
  • Get vocational evidence – Vocational experts can evaluate your occupation and ability to do your exact job duties in your current condition. An expert vocational evaluation can be particularly crucial if you’re appealing a denial based on your policy’s disability definition switching from one definition of occupation to any definition of occupation. The results of this evaluation can prove that you’re too disabled to work – period.
  • Collect personal testimonies from family and close friends – The friends and family you interact with on a daily basis have probably witnessed how your disability impacts your daily life. These personal testimonies can corroborate how your condition impairs your work and personal life, which can be immensely valuable to your existing medical evidence. 

Learn What Our Long-Term Disability Appeals Lawyer in Chicago Can Do For You

We know all too well how extremely challenging it is to manage a disabling condition while juggling an appeal and struggling to get your finances in order. The legal team of Bartolic Law wants you to feel unburdened as much as possible and take care of yourself while our long-term disability appeals lawyer in Chicago handles all the legal matters to ensure that you win your appeal and the benefits you’re owed.  

Reach us online or call 312-815-1153 to schedule your meeting with our long-term disability appeals lawyer today.

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