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Long Term Disability Attorney Oak Park

Were you aware that about 6 million Americans have disability insurance? If you’re one of the people with a long-term disability and it has unfortunately come time for you to use it, you need to consider speaking with a long-term disability attorney in Oak Park. This is because, with the assistance of an attorney, you can maximize your chances of achieving a successful claim.

At Bartolic Law, our firm can help you navigate the complex legal requirements of filing a long-term disability claim. Without legal assistance, you risk missing deadlines, improperly completing forms, and saying what you shouldn’t to an insurance adjuster. Doing any of these things could jeopardize your long-term disability benefits, so let us help you. 

What Exactly is Long-Term Disability Insurance?

Long-term disability insurance is private insurance offered by some employers or taken out by individuals. This insurance helps people who cannot work because of a disability or medical condition. Should you have a long-term disability insurance plan, you can replace some of the income you’ll lose when you cannot work because of your health condition or disability. 

Every long-term disability policy is different and will have differing details surrounding disability and medical condition exclusions. That’s why if you need to use your policy, you should seek out the services of an Oak Park long-term disability attorney who can help you determine if you have coverage. 

How Can An Oak Park Long-Term Disability Attorney Help You?

An Oak Park long-term disability attorney can help you in many different ways. Below, we have listed a few ways you can expect an attorney to help you if you need to file a long-term disability claim and don’t want to go through the hassle of appealing. 

Yet, you should know that having the assistance of an attorney doesn’t guarantee you won’t need to appeal. But, if you do need to appeal, you will have a better chance with an attorney on your side who knows your claim intimately. 

Here’s how a lawyer can help:

  • Help you with filing out each of the numerous insurance company forms. 
  • After evaluating your claim, advise you on the various long-term disability laws and your options. 
  • Obtain your medical records that are relevant to your case.
  • Get expert opinions surrounding your disability or medical condition to rebuttal an insurance company’s denial. 
  • Carefully review your medical records to advise you on any further testing you may need to strengthen your claim. 
  • Ensure your claim file is supplemented with medical records. 
  • Assist you with filing a long-term disability claim to ensure you complete the forms right the first time. 
  • Help you with filing your administrative disability appeal if necessary. 
  • Assist you with correctly calculating your long-term disability benefits. 
  • File your legal brief that argues your claim’s medical, vocational, and legal issues. 
  • If necessary, file a long-term disability lawsuit on your behalf in Federal Court and help with the proceedings that follow this action. 

Can You Appeal A Denied Long-Term Disability Claim?

It’s in the best interests of your insurance company to prove that your disability or medical condition does not qualify for long-term disability benefits. That’s why they will do absolutely everything they can to deny your claim. This is why they will ask for every detail you can imagine and some that you cannot. 

For example, they will want your medical records, lab test results, and all other relevant documentation. You could also be faced with your insurer misclassifying your illness or stating that your disability is psychological. Insurers do this to deny your long-term disability claim. 

Fortunately, if your long-term disability claim is denied, you have the right to appeal the decision. A lawyer from Bartolic law can help you appeal the result after examining your case particulars to determine if you have had your claim wrongfully denied. If the error is on your part, we can also work with you to try and rectify the situation to better your chances of completing a successful appeal. 

Contact An Oak Park Long-Term Disability Attorney Today

Navigating a long-term disability claim or appealing a denied claim can be incredibly challenging, not to mention frustrating. That’s why it’s typically in your best interests to speak with an Oak Park long-term disability attorney from Bartolic Law

Our lawyers are experienced and know everything there is to know about long-term disability claims and appeals. We can guide you through every step, so speak with us today to learn what’s first on the agenda. 

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