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Long Term Disability Attorneys Near Me

Long-term disability insurance differs from short-term disability coverage in that long-term disability insurance will pay monthly if you’re prevented from working long term because of an illness or injury. Unfortunately, filling a long-term disability claim can be incredibly challenging. 

This is because of the many deadlines that cannot be missed, forms that need completing that cannot have errors, and conversations between a claims adjuster that has to be censored. Many things can jeopardize your long-term disability benefits, so it’s usually best to speak with a Chicago attorney like the attorneys at Bartolic Law

Our attorneys have years of experience assisting people with their long-term disability claims. So, continue reading to learn more about how we can help you. 

How Can A Long-Term Disability Attorney Help You? 

There are numerous ways a long-term disability attorney can help you. For example, since employer-provided group LTD insurance is governed by the Employment Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA), an attorney can help you abide by ERISA rules. Below we have briefly stated a few other ways a long-term disability attorney can help you.

They Will Act As Your Representative

One of the most important ways a long-term disability attorney will help you is by acting as your representative. Not only will they obtain persuasive evidence of your disability, but they will also interact with an LTD carrier on your behalf. 

This means that they will be responsible for filing your initial application and be in charge of your appeals within the time frames set by the law. Moreover, a long-term benefits attorney will conduct the settlement negotiations and bring a lawsuit on your behalf in federal court if deemed necessary. 

They Will Prepare Your Claims File For A Lawsuit

Not many people realize that if they file a lawsuit against an insurer, they are usually prohibited from introducing new information that could strengthen their case. Essentially, a federal judge will decide your case by evaluating the evidence found in your administrative record. Your administrative record is your claims file with your insurance company.

If you have a long-term benefits attorney on your side, they can compile an exhaustive administrative record before you exhaust your internal appeals with your insurance company. They will ensure that your record has everything you need to build a winning case, including your medical records and vocational information. 

They Will Hire Vocational Experts On Your Behalf

Often it’s a bad idea to rely solely on the testimony of the ‘independent’ vocational experts hired by your LTD. This is because often, these experts are on the LTD’s side and will have a skewed opinion even if there is no underlying illegal activity transpiring. 

That’s why your attorney will usually ask a vocational expert that they have found to testify to the requirements of your position and how your injuries or illness factor in. However, whether or not an attorney finds you a vocational expert will also depend on if you have an ‘any occupation’ or ‘own occupation’ disability policy. 

When Should You Hire A Long-Term Disability Attorney?

Ultimately, the short answer is it’s never too early to hire a long-term disability attorney. In fact, the earlier you hire an attorney, the better because they ideally want to assist you before you exhaust your internal appeals with your insurance provider. This is especially true if your disability benefits claim leads to a lawsuit. 

Alternatively, another good time to consider hiring a long-term disability attorney is when you become unable to work or have to accept a position with fewer or different job duties. 

Contact A Chicago Long-Term Disability Attorney Today To Discuss Your Claim

Long-term disability claims and ERISA laws are notoriously difficult to navigate, especially if you don’t have any legal savvy. To ensure your long-term disability claim is handled as it should be, you must consider hiring a Chicago long-term disability benefits attorney. 

The attorneys at Bartolic Law have years of experience handling long-term disability cases, so we have the knowledge needed to ensure you receive the compensation you deserve. So, before it’s too late, give us a call or visit our website online, and we will be in contact. 

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