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Long Term Disability Benefits Lawyer Chicago

People who have a disability may be out of work for long periods of time. When more time off is required than short term disability can provide, consider applying for long term disability benefits. Long term disability insurance may be used to provide you with an income when injured or harmed and you cannot complete the required movements for your position at work. Unfortunately, applying for long term disability (LTD) insurance is not simple or straightforward. Oftentimes, your claim may be denied unfairly. If you are struggling to file for disability, consider working with a long term disability benefits lawyer in Chicago

Long Term Disability Benefits Options

When filing for long term disability benefits, it’s important to know the options for doing so. The two common routes for filing for disability benefits include employer-based plans governed by ERISA and private long term disability companies. First, ERISA, otherwise known as the Employee Retirement Income Security Act, is federal law. It is essentially a set of regulations over employer-sponsored insurance programs. These standards are meant to ensure that plan funds are provided to qualifying recipients. Private long term disability benefits, on the other hand, are applied for externally. There are various private insurance providers that disability can be filed. These insurers include but are not limited to those such as Cigna, MetLife, Unum, Prudential, and Hartford. Regardless of what type of disability insurance you file for, the process of filing can be confusing. Working with a long term disability benefits lawyer in Chicago may be beneficial for you. 

Potential Conditions Covered by Long Term Disability Insurance Policies

Many different types of conditions may be covered under long term disability insurance policies. The exact conditions covered will vary depending on your LTD plan, and many conditions can manifest differently in different people. General categories that may be covered include autoimmune diseases, back or spinal cord injuries, brain conditions, cancer, cardiovascular conditions, mental health conditions, and various other chronic diseases. Under each of these categories are more specific illnesses like ALS, COPD, lupus, dementia, and MS. To determine whether your condition qualifies you for long term disability, consider reaching out to a long term disability benefits lawyer in Chicago. 

Why Do You Need a Long Term Disability Benefits Lawyer in Chicago?

A long term disability benefits lawyer in Chicago may help you with a variety of steps throughout the filing process. The insurance claims process is intentionally difficult and confusing, as private companies are greedy with their finance distribution. By working with an experienced attorney, you’ll have someone available to walk you through the insurance application process and ensure that all laws and regulations are being followed accordingly. 

Hire a Long Term Disability Benefits Lawyer in Chicago Today

Whether you’re just starting the process of applying for long term disability or you have been denied your claim, it could help to hire an attorney to help you throughout the process. The attorneys at Bartolic Law are experienced in disability law and know each step of the process, regardless of what insurance company you file through. To request a consultation and case evaluation, contact us today. 

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