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Long-Term Disability Lawyer In Chicago

Long-term disability insurance is a great policy to take advantage of. But it’s just like dealing with any other insurance company. When you file a long-term disability claim, the insurance companies are already considering ways to deny your claim. They will be strict regarding your medical records and other information.

Before you prepare for an appeal process, you should consider working with the long-term disability lawyers at Bartolic law. We have top long-term disability lawyers in Chicago with a proven track record of success.

Filing Your Claim

Our long-term disability lawyers can help you with any stage of your claim, from filing to fighting for an appeal. One step we take is to review your disability insurance policy. This helps us determine how your disability qualifies under the policy’s definition.

We can also collect the best medical evidence to make your claim more credible. We can also make a copy of your policy to review if your claim is denied.

Receiving A Denial

We can also prepare you for the long-term disability appeal process. Insurance companies will often deny claims based on little merit. This is done to prevent you from fighting for your benefits.

Our long-term disability lawyers are used to taking on large insurance companies. We’ve won successful appeals against companies like Liberty Mutual, Allstate, Fortis, Cigna, and Principal Financial Group.

With the most favorable evidence, we can ensure that your appeal is filed within the appropriate deadline.

Exhausting All Appeals

Many insurance companies will request that you exhaust all appeal options before filing a lawsuit. Even if your initial appeal is in denial, we can continue to stack the most favorable evidence for you. If your options have been exhausted, we can still prepare you for your lawsuit against the insurance company.

Preparing Your Lawsuit With Ease

Going through the appeals process repeatedly can place additional stress on you. We take this stress away from our clients during the pre-litigation process. We study a case’s strengths and weaknesses and assess the best legal strategy for our clients. We remain authentic and transparent with our clients as we prepare them for the process.

If Your Disability Policy Is ERISA-Sponsored

Our long-term disability lawyers can also represent clients under an ERISA-sponsored disability plan. When you’ve purchased your insurance policy through your employer, your policy is automatically ERISA-sponsored.

This means that your appeals process must follow the ERISA regulations. While the ERISA appeals process is stricter, our long-term disability lawyers also have a track record of winning these appeals. Unlike many law firms that lose their clients’ appeals process through a lack of preparation, that is where we shine.

Speak With A Long-Term Disability Lawyer In Chicago Today

At Bartolic Law, we let our core values set us apart when fighting for our client’s compensation. We anticipate what a court will do and tailor our litigation strategy to what is likely to succeed.

To see what our long-term disability lawyers can do for your claim, fill out our contact form for a free consultation.

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