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Long-Term Disability Lawyers Oak Park

At Bartolic Law, our long-term disability lawyers in Oak Park are devoted to providing personalized, justice-driven legal representation to clients in their time of need. A serious disability can put a major financial strain on a person and their family. We are here to help you secure the maximum available benefits. For a fully confidential, no-obligation case review with a top long-term disability attorney, please contact us today. 

What to Know About ERISA and Long-Term Disability Claims

The majority of people who have long-term disability coverage receive their insurance through their employer. These types of policies are regulated by a federal law called the Employee Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA). ERISA sets standards for most employer-based employee benefits plans, including disability plans. If your long-term disability claim is through an ERISA policy, it is crucial that you have an understanding of your rights and responsibilities. 

We Handle the Full Range of Long Term Disability Claims in Oak Park

If an injury, a chronic illness, or any other type of serious medical impairment prevents you from working on a full-time basis, it is crucial that you are able to access all long-term disability benefits available to you under the law. Bartolic Law is a full-service disability law firm that handles all types of ERISA disability claims and private disability claims. Our Oak Park long-term disability lawyers have experience with a wide array of disabling conditions, including: 

  • Chronic pain; 
  • Chronic fatigue;
  • Migraine headaches;
  • Back problems;
  • Vision loss or other vision issues;
  • Hearing loss or other hearing issues;  
  • Respiratory conditions;
  • Cardiovascular conditions;
  • Digestive conditions; and 
  • Psychological trauma, including PTSD. 

How Our Oak Park Long-Term Disability Lawyers Can Help

Long-term disability claims are complicated. Our founder and managing partner Michael Bartolic is an experienced ERISA lawyer with a national reputation for success in long-term disability claims. We are proactive. Among other things, our Oak Park long-term disability attorneys are ready to: 

  • Listen to your story and answer your questions about the disability claims process;
  • Investigate the matter—reviewing your policies and gathering medical records; 
  • Advocate for your best interests in any settlement negotiation with insurers; and
  • Take your long-term disability claim as far as needed to get the best results. 

Call Our Oak Park Long-Term Disability Attorneys for Immediate Help

At Bartolic Law, our Oak Park long-term disability lawyers have the professional knowledge that you can trust. If you have any questions about long-term disability claims or long-term disability appeals, we are here to help. Contact us today for a confidential initial consultation. We provide long-term disability representation in Oak Park, Cook County, and throughout the wider region.

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