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Oak Park Long Term Disability Attorney

Individuals may become disabled either through the course of their employment or otherwise. Obtaining long-term disability benefits should not be impossible, especially since your disability is already mentally exhausting. Your doctors have determined that you are indeed disabled. This diagnosis is challenging to come to grips with, but you have. 

While you would rather work and earn a living as you always had, this may not be possible. It is more traumatic when your employer and insurance carrier disagree with your disability assessment, especially when they have not examined you. Michael Bartolic, an Oak Park long-term disability attorney, knows how difficult it can be to obtain these benefits. 

Insurance companies and employers will often provide short-term disability and even Social Security Disability, seemingly without a hitch. Still, things can get complicated fast when it comes to long-term disability. 

Long Term Disability Cases We Handle

Each career path brings with it challenges. Anyone can become disabled, from partners, lawyers, and accountants to grocery store employees and warehouse workers. The best option would be if you had an Oak Park long-term disability attorney that understands each industry and how your disability affects your ability to do your job. Various injuries and illnesses can result in you needing to file for long-term disability. The most common that Bartolic Law handles include:

We handle many other claim types as one of the most innovative, compassionate, and transparent Oak Park long-term disability attorneys. 

Long Term Disability Claims

An LTD claim aims to reach an agreement where the injured party can have a steady income when they cannot work. You can file a claim through individual or group disability insurance. 

LTD Appeals

The inability to work causes a tremendous financial burden. Many people’s only hope is their long-term disability claim. When it is denied, this causes an additional financial burden. Bartolic Law will file appeals on your behalf, so you do not go it alone. We will also file a lawsuit if all other options have been exhausted.

Bartolic Disability Claim Valuation

We do not believe that your claim should be assessed by a robotic machine that only sees numbers. Michael Bartolic will show the court and other pertinent parties the disabilities our clients suffer from. This process may require photographic and video evidence, medical records, test results, and more.  

Not only is Michael an experienced Oak Park long-term disability attorney, but he also has a background in finance. This skill allows him the unique ability to assess the value of your claim. Bartolic Law is nationally recognized for its work on ERISA and Long Term Disability Cases. Most of all, we are Chicago strong. For a consultation, please fill out our contact form.

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