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Retirement Plan Claims Attorney Near Me

You work hard at your job with the goal of being able to eventually retire. Funds that you have accumulated through employer-provided retirement plans are meant to set you up with a comfortable standard of living. In too many cases, people are shocked when problems arise in obtaining these funds. Denied, delayed, or dramatically reduced retirement plan benefits can have major impacts on every area of your life. At the Law Offices of Michael Bartolic, we provide trusted guidance and aggressive legal representation in this situation. Representing clients in Chicago and throughout the Cook County area in retirement plan claims, we help you get the maximum amount to which you are entitled. 

Protecting Your Rights in Retirement Plan Claims

Employer sponsored retirement plans can provide you with a steady source of income during your retirement. You may have made big plans regarding how you would use this money, such as investing in your dream home or buying a vacation property or recreational vehicle that allows you to travel. Unfortunately, problems in obtaining these benefits can shatter your dreams while jeopardizing your overall financial security. 

At Bartolic Law, we protect your rights to retirement plan benefits. As experienced Cook County retirement plan claims attorneys, we take legal actions needed to get you the total amount of the benefits to which you are entitled. Common issues in cases we represent include: 

  • Disputes over the timing or amount of benefits;
  • Being wrongly excluded from a retirement plan;
  • Failure in making required contributions on the part of your employers;
  • Misrepresentations regarding the terms of your plan;
  • Depleted funds due to mismanagement and excessive service provider fees
  • Problems with taxes, insurance, or other retirement benefit matters. 

What to Look for in a Retirement Plan Claims Attorney Near Me

Retirement benefits play a major role in protecting your future financial security. When problems arise, you need an experienced Chicago area retirement plan claims attorney on your side. 

Retirement plan benefits, administration, and the claims appeals process are governed under the Employee Retirement Income Security Act of 1974 (ERISA). When looking for someone to defend your rights in a claim, you want to be sure your lawyer has the following qualifications: 

  • Experience in handling various types of retirement plans, including 401(k), profit-sharing plans, ESOPs, SERPs, and other deferred compensation plans;
  • Extensive legal knowledge of ERISA laws and how they apply in various situations;
  • A proven track record of success in handling retirement plan claims and appeals;
  • Testimonials pertaining to the firm’s dedication to serving clients. 

Reach Out to Our Retirement Plan Claims Attorneys Today

At Bartolic Law, we resolve problems pertaining to retirement plan claims. To request a consultation, reach out and contact our Chicago area retirement plan claims attorneys today.

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