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Common Conditions That Can Cause Long Term Disability

Serious physical or mental health conditions can arise when you least expect them, and they may prevent you from working and earning a living. Fortunately, if you have ERISA long term disability insurance coverage through your employer, you can receive monthly benefits while you are unable to work. However, before you can receive benefits, you must first apply and have your claim approved. In order to have a claim approved, you must be deemed to have a condition that qualifies as a “long term disability” under your policy.

There are a wide variety of medical conditions that can render an individual unable to work. Some common conditions that can lead to long term disability claims include the following:

  • Chronic back pain;
  • Degenerative back or neck conditions;
  • Chronic nerve pain;
  • Fibromyalgia;
  • Arthritis;
  • Lupus;
  • Cancer;
  • Autoimmune disorders;
  • Chronic fatigue;
  • Vision or hearing loss;
  • Multiple sclerosis;
  • Lung disease;
  • Neurological disorders; and
  • Anxiety or depression

Some conditions have such debilitating symptoms that sufferers are clearly unable to work. However, some situations are not so clear-cut, and the insurance company may try to deny your claim by arguing that there are jobs you can perform. For example, if you have chronic back pain, they may claim that you are able to perform a job that requires minimal movement. However, chronic back pain can cause many complications that may make working extraordinarily challenging. Chronic back pain can lead to insomnia, fatigue, depression, anxiety, and more. In addition, if you must take painkillers and/or muscle relaxers to relieve your pain, it can also make it impossible to focus on work.

If you are in such a situation, you should seek assistance from an attorney who understands ERISA long term disability policies and who can help determine whether you claim was wrongfully denied. An attorney can then help you appeal the denial by presenting evidence of the effects of your condition that make it impossible for you to work. Detailed medical records can serve as evidence that you are unable to make a sufficient living on your own and that you deserve long term disability benefits. Having an attorney’s help from the start of the claims process can also often increase your chances of having your claim approved.

Contact A Chicago Long Term Disability Attorney For Assistance

If you have a chronic medical condition that prevents you from working, you deserve to receive the long term benefits to which you are entitled under your ERISA long term disability insurance policy. Employers often try to reduce the cost of premiums by including limitations or restrictions in long term disability policies; however, you have a right to certain benefits under the law. If you believe that your long term disability claim has been wrongfully denied, you should not delay in contacting a long term disability lawyer to discuss your legal options. At Bartolic Law we have assisted many individuals with serious, lasting medical conditions receive the benefits they need. Please call our office at 312-646-4366 for help today.

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