Success With Disability Claims for Breast Cancer

Breast Cancer


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Breast cancer is a common form of cancer most often diagnosed in women. Cells grow uncontrollably in the breasts, forming tumors and spreading to other areas.
After developing breast cancer, an individual may experience a number of physical and neurological complications that lead to disability.
If you cannot work due to breast cancer, talk to an attorney about obtaining the disability benefits to which you’re entitled.

Success With Disability Claims for Breast Cancer

Bartolic Law has helped clients battling various forms of cancer, including Breast Cancer, get long-term disability claims paid. Disagreements with long-term disability insurers most often arise after chemotherapy treatment has concluded and the insurer terminates benefits. In one case we handled, our client was an executive, and the client’s disability lasted after the treatment concluded. The client had lasting fatigue due to the intensive aggressiveness of the treatment. Despite initial pushback from the insurer, we persuaded the insurer to continue paying benefits until the client was ready to attempt to return to work, preventing any disruption in the client’s household income.

We similarly helped a different client maintain disability insurance payments after completing treatment for lymphoma where the treatment was so aggressive, it resulted in long-lasting peripheral neuropathy, preventing the client from returning to work even years after treatment for the cancer ended. 

Breast cancer occurs when cancer cells form in the breast tissue. This cancer is the second-most diagnosed cancer among American women after skin cancer. It also occurs in men, although it affects women more frequently. This cancer makes breast cells divide faster than normal cells, continue accumulating, forming lumps or masses. These cells spread through the lymph nodes to other body organs, destroying healthy cells. Breast cancer patients may display various symptoms, such as breast lumps or thick masses that feel different from the nearby tissues, changes in size, appearance, and shape, the breast skin also changes and shows dimples, inverted nipples, pigmented areas of the skin neighboring nipples start to peel, flake, or scale and reddened skin.

Breast cancer is often treatable. However, the treatment depends on various factors like the kind of cancer, the cancer’s stage, a patient’s sensitivity to hormones and one’s general health, age, and personal preference. Breast cancer therapy comes in different forms. It includes hormonal therapies, chemotherapy, surgery, and radiation. Severe and debilitating complications also occur if the condition is detected and treated late. Additionally, some treatments may cause long-term complications that keep patients out of their jobs for years. Common complications include kidney stones, kidney failure, or neurological conditions like dementia, coma, and confusion.


If you’re struggling to get the benefits you need to get by, then we’ll fight to obtain the benefits you deserve. Contact us today to learn more!

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Breast cancer-related disabilities can render patients unable to work due to reduced abilities. If you have a disability insurance policy, it is important to act quickly after a diagnosis and contact a disability insurance claims lawyer from Bartolic Law. Reach out to us today for a free consultation.

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