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Chronic Fatigue Syndrome


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Chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS), also known as myalgic encephalomyelitis (ME) or ME/CFS, is a complex condition that results in extreme fatigue for six months or more.
It affects an estimated 1 million Americans, although no single cause or treatment has been identified. CFS often causes ongoing problems for those affected.
If tiredness and body aches associated with chronic fatigue syndrome prevent you from working, pursue disability claims for chronic fatigue syndrome alongside an attorney.

Experience Matters When Hiring a Lawyer for Your CFS Disability Case

At Bartolic Law, we know how to approach chronic fatigue cases. Chronic fatigue cases involve a high number of what insurers call subjectively reported symptoms. We have helped clients get chronic fatigue cases paid, and they almost always turn on the ability to create as much corroborating evidence as possible, and in ways law firms from afar cannot do.

In one case, we accompanied the client to an Independent Medical Examination and documented the client falling asleep in the waiting area by photo and video. We then did a follow-up video interview the day after the examination to show–not just tell–how the activity made the client even more fatigued. The so-called “national” firms simply cannot do this by merely gathering your medical records and sending forms to doctors to complete.

There are several challenges in pursuing disability claims for chronic fatigue syndrome. Unlike some medical conditions which cause long-term disabilities, chronic fatigue syndrome does not have a definitive diagnostic test. This means the evidence and records you present to support your claim will be crucial.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), three primary symptoms must all be present for a diagnosis of chronic fatigue syndrome. First, fatigue is accompanied by a greatly reduced ability to perform regular activities which lasts for at least six months. Symptoms worsen after physical or mental activity that, before the illness, would have been normal. Finally, an individual may have sleep issues, including sleep that does not feel restful. Additional symptoms and evidence are often necessary for a diagnosis of chronic fatigue syndrome. Even with a proper diagnosis, long-term disability claims for chronic fatigue syndrome are often still denied.


If your chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS) is progressing and making it difficult to work, don’t wait to contact an attorney.

A Skilled Long-Term Disability Attorney Can Help

At Bartolic Law, we provide the caring support and trusted legal guidance you need during this difficult time. As experienced Chicago long-term disability lawyers, we have helped many hard-working people get the benefits to which they are entitled. We can help you, too. Get your free case evaluation. Just complete this questionnaire, and one of our representatives will contact you. You can also Book Online.

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