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Cirrhosis is a serious condition that affects the liver. It’s often a result of liver infections, as well as certain lifestyle factors such as heavy alcohol drinking.
In some cases, cirrhosis leads to further liver damage and other complications throughout the body, which can affect a person’s physical capabilities.
Filing a disability claim can provide relief for those who cannot work due to complications caused by cirrhosis.

Success With Disability Claims Involving Cirrhosis

Bartolic Law has helped clients suffering from Cirrhosis get long-term disability claims paid. Whether you contemplate making a claim, had a claim denied, or need to file a lawsuit, Bartolic Law can help you through it. In one client’s case, the client was a clinical nurse suffering from Cirrhosis caused by Hepatitis. The Cirrhosis caused the client to require a liver transplant. But years after the transplant, the client required a second transplant. The medications the client had to take to help the client’s body accept the new organ, and prevent its deterioration again, were so immunosuppressive that returning to work in a clinical setting, or any routine exposure to public, posed a health risk.

The insurer terminated long-term disability benefits, contending the client had functional capacity to work. We appealed the benefit termination, persuading the insurer of the risk of further disability or even death from exposure to the public, especially in a clinical nursing setting where the client would be exposed to patients with various illnesses. In the end, we got the insurer to pay the claim, and keep it paid.

Cirrhosis is the final stage of liver scarring caused by certain lifestyle conditions and liver infections. For instance, chronic alcoholism and some types of hepatitis can damage your liver. Additionally, obese persons stand higher risks of getting this disease. Since another liver problem might cause this disease, it’s critical to treat its underlying cause as well as the cirrhosis itself. Some patients may display few or no clinical signs, while others may have signs that don’t directly indicate that one suffers from this medical condition. However, the following symptoms are often common with cirrhosis: jaundice or skin yellowing, lethargy, poor appetite, easy bruising, bloodied vomit, cramped muscles, brown urine, fever, spleen enlargement and osteoporosis.

This disease might be treatable after early diagnosis, and treatment aims to prevent further liver damage, complications, and hepatic cancer. It can also become chronic and develop different complications. Some of the possible complications include increased blood pressure in the veins supplying the liver, swollen legs, a swollen abdomen, an enlarged spleen, bleeding and malnutrition. All of these complications can drastically impair a patient’s ability to work and quality of life. Therefore, it’s most likely they might have to stop working for a long time – or permanently. In such cases, the affected patient might qualify for disability insurance claims to maintain their financial stability.


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