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Depression is a mental health disorder that causes ongoing low mood due to chemical imbalances in the brain. It often causes various mental disabilities that make living life hard.
A person with clinical depression may face constant sadness or apathy that hinders their ability to get work done in their day-to-day life.
When depression is severe enough to prevent a person from working, they may be able to obtain disability benefits.

Success With Disability Claims Involving Depression

Bartolic Law helps clients battling Depression with their long-term disability claims. We have worked with individuals who anticipated making claims, appealed insurers’ denials of claims, and even sued long-term disability insurers over depression-related disability claims. Depression often accompanies other diagnoses, some mental health related, and some not. In one case, our client was an airline worker suffering from Major Depressive Disorder. Symptoms were so severe, the client would often reschedule treatment appointments due to inability to get out of bed. The insurer denied the claim for non-compliance with treatment. We successfully demonstrated to the insurer that the client’s Depression was the cause of missing appointments, which demonstrated the client would not be able to reliably and consistently show up for work.

As often as we handle claims based on Depression, we have also handled claims challenging an insurer’s application of policy limitations that apply for Depression. In one case, our client suffered from severe spinal disorders, and developed Adjustment Disorder in coping with the physical disability. The insurer attempted to limit benefit payments based on a mental health limitation. We were able to demonstrate that the client would meet the policy’s definition of Disabled even without the Depression, which solidified the client’s ability to remain in pay status.

When many people think of disabilities, they might first think of not being able to walk or having chronic pain. However, mental conditions can also be disabling and prevent you from working as you usually would. Depression – also called clinical depression or major depressive disorder – is an example of a potentially debilitating condition that can result in serious mental disabilities. Depression is a mood disorder that results in chronic feelings of sadness and a lack of interest in usual activities or even living life. It can be difficult for those with depression to stay focused or engage in productive activities. Those diagnosed with depression cannot simply “cheer up,” as this is an issue with their brain chemistry and biology.

Instead, people diagnosed with depression are usually prescribed a long-term treatment plan that might include medication and psychotherapy. While this can improve symptoms, some depression patients experience other complications, such as obesity, physical illness or pain, substance abuse disorders, social isolation, anxiety disorders, difficulty with work and relationships, and suicidal thoughts or attempts. Many effects and complications of depression make it impossible for someone to regularly report to a job and perform as expected. For this reason, many people seek disability insurance benefits if they cannot work.


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