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Hearing loss is the reduction of one’s hearing ability in one or both ears, and the loss can range from mild to severe.
Severe hearing loss can make it difficult to function as usual. Adults with hearing loss might have trouble communicating with coworkers.
When an individual with hearing loss is unable to continue working, it may be possible to obtain insurance benefits.

Success With Hearing Loss Disability Claims

Bartolic Law has worked with clients experiencing Hearing Loss and helped them recover long-term disability benefits. Like any illness or injury, Hearing Loss may impair one’s ability to perform an occupation more so than it would impair another person’s performance of a different occupation. The more the occupation in question requires hearing, or interacting with other people, the more impairing the Hearing Loss can be.

In one case, a client suffered an injury that resulted in a sudden loss of hearing completely in one ear, and mostly in another ear. The client worked in education, and needed to interact with students, often while not directly facing them, due to the number of students an education must pay attention to at one time. We demonstrated that the client’s field of hearing was limited because the client could not even rely on using only one ear, as students are positioned at various angles, and some farther away than others. As educators are on their feet, they frequently turn in different directions, requiring the ability to hear from both sides. With these demonstrations, we were able to get the client’s disability benefits in pay status.

Hearing loss has three main forms: conductive, involving the middle or outer ear; sensorineural, affecting the inner ear; or a combination of the two. A person with impaired hearing loss can’t hear obviously clear sounds or what other people say. They still have difficulties even after amplifying the sound they’re listening to. This condition affects approximately 15 percent of American adults, however, it’s more prevalent among adults over the age of 60 years. Adults over age 60 and excessive earwax are some of the risk factors that expose one to hearing loss. Other risk factors include Lyme disease, meningitis, arthritis, teenage exposure to secondary smoking, mumps, cancer, and diabetes.

A patient may display various clinical signs like muffling in their speech or other sounds, challenges understanding words, particularly in crowds or noisy backgrounds, constant requests for others to speak slowly or loudly, and turning up the TV or radio volumes beyond safe limits. Additionally, most hearing loss is irreversible. Therefore, contacting a hearing expert right away is critical to possibly save you from additional permanent hearing loss. Otherwise, it could degenerate and cause complications like feelings of isolation, low quality of life, depression, and cognitive impairment.


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