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Lymphoma is a serious form of cancer affecting the white blood cells that often requires treatment.
If lymphoma needs to be treated, the patient may experience stroke or lung damage due to the radiation used to kill cancer cells.
Since treatment and symptoms can impair the person affected, it may be necessary to utilize disability benefits.

Success With Lymphoma Disability Claims

Bartolic Law can help you secure your long-term disability insurance benefits while you battle lymphoma. In one case, we helped a client make the claim where the insurer expressed doubt as to the duration of the claim. We helped the client avoid a benefit termination by showing that the lymphoma’s treatment was so aggressive, it caused lasting nerve damage. Though the client successfully beat the lymphoma, the degree of treatment necessary to do so caused the client to have residual limitations. Insurers rarely understand why one would be disabled after successfully treating the initially disabling illness, and our role was to help the insurer understand that for our client. Thanks to much hard work, we have been able to keep the client’s benefits in pay status.

Lymphoma is cancer that starts in your white blood cells that empower our bodies’ immune systems. These cells live in the lymph nodes, bone marrow, and spleen. This cancer changes the lymphocytes, making them grow uncontrollably. A patient might show different signs that include painless swollen glands, coughing, shortness of breath, night sweats, exhaustion, weight loss, and fever. Lymphoma can be treatable if it’s discovered early and treatment is administered correctly. However, its treatment type depends on the disease’s stage and the specific diagnosis. Sometimes, slow-growing lymphoma doesn’t require treatment, although it needs close monitoring to stop it from spreading. Doctors employ different treatment techniques.

For example, they might use biologic therapy to stimulate the body’s immunity to fight off the cancer. Chemotherapy may also apply to target and kill the cancerous cells. Physicians also employ radiation that directly targets the cancer cells and destroys them. Lastly, a doctor might utilize antibody treatment by inserting artificial antibodies into the bloodstream to help the body deal with the cancer. However, some of the above treatment options can cause severe complications and side effects. For instance, radiation to the neck might increase the chances of a stroke because it damages the blood vessels that serve the brain. Also, some chemotherapy forms might damage the lungs, causing breathing complications that require years to treat, among many other effects.


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Lymphoma can come in a number of variations and can be detected at various stages. Depending on the type and time of detection, it could alter how aggressive of treatment you require.

Many forms of treatment for lymphoma attack not only the cancer cells but your healthy cells, too. This can lead to lasting tissue and nerve damage that can extend your need for long-term disability beyond just the time to treat the lymphoma, depending on your condition and your treatment. Some treatment-related complications can cause patients to lose their ability to work and earn a living. If you find yourself in such a case, you might qualify for disability insurance benefits. Do not hesitate to contact Bartolic Law to help you evaluate your case.

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