Success With Disability Claims for Multiple Sclerosis

Multiple Sclerosis


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Multiple sclerosis is a rare, serious disease of the nervous system. MS is degenerative, meaning it usually gets worse as it progresses.
Because MS can differ significantly among patients, some choose to continue working, while others feel pressured to quit their job.
As more employers adopt CRM software in their workflows, keyboarding limitations affect a broader range of occupations than they once did.

Success with Multiple Sclerosis Long-Term Disability Claims

At Bartolic Law, we have gotten many clients suffering from Multiple Sclerosis long-term disability benefits paid. In particular, we helped multiple high-earning individuals who did not want a public record of their illness get the benefits paid in full, without litigation. In one matter, we represented a trial lawyer who was a partner in a large law firm and got diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis after noticing difficulty with work. Like many people in these roles (such as doctors and lawyers) where clients’ well-being is in their hands, our client did not want to place clients at risk but was concerned about the insurer approving the claim so early in the diagnosis and treatment. By working closely with the client’s doctors and the insurer, we were able to persuade the insurer to pay the claim without a denial.

In another case, after a client’s MS progressed to the point of having repeated falls and constant instability, the insurer terminated the claim. The insurer’s doctors reviewed the evidence and wrote there was no evidence of neurological deficits or various symptoms. Along with every other tool we use (opinions, objective tests, video interviews), we made the insurer’s file searchable and pointed to every page of the insurer’s file that contained the very evidence the insurer’s doctors said did not exist.

Another diagnosis that can change your life is that of multiple sclerosis or MS. This central nervous system disorder can also be increasingly disabling as it progresses, and each person can have unique symptoms. Some of the many possible symptoms include weakness or numbness in one or more limbs, lack of coordination, tremors, vision problems, sensations of electric shocks in the body, tingling, slurring speech, dizziness and fatigue, and loss of bladder, bowel, or sexual function. Some people with MS can have bouts of remission and bouts of symptom relapse, and new symptoms might appear. Others steadily worsen with no remission, and they might lose their ability to walk or care for themselves.

Multiple Sclerosis affects individuals differently, and the symptomatology is not always linear. It can have highly variable levels of impairment from day-to-day. It is a good practice to maintain a log of your symptoms and what you were able to do each day. Insurers frequently deny or terminate Multiple Sclerosis long-term disability claims. Because MS is a chronic and progressive condition, an insurer can never show your condition improved, regardless of the treatment.


If your MS is progressing and making it difficult to work, don’t wait to contact an attorney.

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