Success With Disability Claims for Muscular Dystrophy

Muscular Dystrophy


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Muscular dystrophy has many symptoms, although continuous muscle fatigue is prominent. Other specific clinical signs start at later stages and muscle groups, based on the disease’s type.
Medical science hasn’t discovered a cure for the condition, and current treatments only manage symptoms and deter the disease’s advancement.
Since muscular dystrophy can cause significant pain and weakness, the affected individual may choose to pursue disability benefits if they are unable to work.

Success With Disability Claims Involving Muscular Dystrophy

Bartolic Law has helped people fighting Muscular Dystrophy get their long-term disability insurance claims paid. Like many other chronic and progressive conditions, the biggest hurdle is often getting the initial approval of the claim, as insurers know people do not improve while battling such progressive conditions. The insurers often deny the claims, asserting you have not become disabled yet, but you have already stopped working and would otherwise lose coverage under the policy if you do not succeed.

In one client’s case, the client worked in a sedentary occupation, but the Muscular Dystrophy advanced to the point the client had to stop working. The insurer contended the client should not be disabled yet because the illness did not impair the client’s ability to sit. But even sedentary work requires standing and walking occasionally. More importantly, the symptoms prevented the client from effectively transferring from sitting to standing or walking. Through showing the difficulty the client had with changing postural positions, we were able to persuade the insurer to pay the claim.

Muscular dystrophy is a combination of hereditary diseases that gradually destroy and weaken the body’s muscles. Protein deficiency is to blame for tissue damage from this disease since our bones and muscles need protein to function well. Thus, any acute shortage can adversely affect how you swallow, coordinate muscles, and walk. This medical condition affects men and women across all age groups. However, its Duchenne variant mostly affects small boys. Patients with a genetic history are also at higher risk of developing muscular dystrophy. The available treatment options also depend on a patient’s symptoms.

The most common treatments include corticosteroid drugs that assist in strengthening muscles and slowing muscle deterioration, assisted ventilation when respiratory muscles are damaged and drugs for heart challenges. A patient may need surgery for correcting muscle shortening, repairing cataracts and treating scoliosis or cardiac challenges. However, the disease can still cause severe complications that might make one lose their ability to work. For instance, a patient might develop walking problems requiring wheelchair use. A patient might also be unable to use their arms to perform regular duties. Severe breathing problems necessitating ventilators might also occur.


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