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Neuropathy is a severe condition that causes significant pain and numbness throughout the body. This disease has many potential causes, both environmental and hereditary
Usually, individuals with neuropathy eventually develop health complications such as gangrene, ulcers, numbness and weakness.
Considering the degenerative nature of the disease, some people require disability benefits when they are no longer able to work.

Success With Neuropathy Disability Claims

Bartolic Law has helped many clients suffering from various forms of neuropathy get their long-term disability insurance benefits paid. Recently, a client needed to make a disability claim involving neuropathy in their hands. The client’s job required frequent computer use, and the neuropathy made working increasingly harder as symptoms progressed. Because the client was concerned about having a disruption in income flow, we helped the client make the initial claim. Despite initial resistance from the employer and claim administrator, we were able to get the claim promptly paid, achieving exactly what the client hoped to achieve.

Neuropathy is a medical condition that damages one or several nerves, causing them to malfunction. This damage causes affected areas to tingle, become numb, and weaken. Mostly, it starts with one’s hands and feet, although it can spread to other body parts. Exposure to poisonous chemicals, hereditary factors, metabolic challenges, and traumatic injuries cause this condition. However, other conditions like diabetes also cause it when high blood sugar levels damage the nerves. Other causes include chronic kidney disease that causes chemical and salt imbalances, rheumatoid arthritis, HIV, alcoholism, chronic liver infections, some chemotherapy medications, and some cancers like lymphoma.

Sometimes, neuropathy symptoms can improve with treatment, though this is not always possible. Its main effects include loss of balance and coordination, causing falls, weak muscles, a tingling, stabbing, or burning pain, acute sensitivity to touch, slow numbness in your arms and legs and paralysis if motor nerves are damaged. Some people experience other complications. For instance, one may suffer decreased sexual response. Also, this condition can cause a patient to fail to detect open wounds and treat them on time, causing ulcers and infections. Failing to get treatment could cause gangrene, leading to toe, foot, or lower leg amputation.


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Neuropathy can affect various body parts, causing complications that impair one’s ability to work. When you lose sensation in your legs, occupations requiring standing and walking to a significant degree, or travel, can become too difficult to continue. Neuropathy in one’s hands has become especially troublesome in long-term disability insurance. More individuals now rely on computers and keyboarding or using a mouse to perform their work.

People with severe neuropathy may qualify for disability insurance benefits. Our legal team at Bartolic Law has handled similar disability claims, and we would be glad to help you determine your eligibility for disability insurance benefits, so please contact us today.

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