Success With Disability Claims for Osteoporosis



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Osteoporosis is a degenerative disease of the bones that occurs when the body doesn’t create adequate bone tissue.
Over time, osteoporosis can make your bones weaker, causing pain and limited mobility that can inhibit your physical capabilities.
In some cases, osteoporosis can make work challenging, particularly if your job involves frequent standing or repetitive movements. Seek disability benefits if you can no longer work.

Success With Disability Claims for Osteoporosis

What is osteoporosis? It’s a bone disease that occurs when your body loses too much bone tissue or does not make adequate bone tissue to begin with. Consequently, osteoporosis weakens your bones, making them easy to fracture from falls or even minor bumps. The disease makes your bones “porous,” hence its name osteoporosis. An excess estrogen reduction in the body causes this disease because estrogen builds and maintains your bone tissue. Most women become vulnerable to this condition during menopause because of the associated reduction of this vital hormone. Other factors like side effects from medical treatment, certain diseases, lifestyle decisions, race, and age also expose people to this bone disorder.

A patient manifests varied clinical signs, the leading ones being back pain due to broken or collapsed vertebra, gradual weight loss, a stooping posture, and brittle and weak bones. Treatment plans for osteoporosis seek to achieve the following results: slowing or preventing the disease’s progression, maintaining healthy bone mineral density and mass, preventing bone breakage, reducing pain and maximizing a patient’s ability to live a normal daily life. However, the disease can still cause severe complications that mainly affect the hips and spine. Falls usually cause hip fractures, causing possible disabilities. Sometimes, these fractures even occur without a fall. Consequently, a patient may suffer drastically reduced mobility that breeds pain and depression.


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