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Sjogren’s Syndrome


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Sjogren’s Syndrome is an autoimmune condition in which the immune system attacks the glands that produce saliva and tears.
Individuals with this condition typically struggle with chronic dry eyes and mouth, which can cause various complications such as ulcers, irritation and difficulty swallowing.
Since Sjogren’s Syndrome causes widespread pain and fatigue, employees may choose to pursue disability benefits if they are unable to complete tasks while on the job.

Success With Disability Claims for Sjogren’s Syndrome

Sjogren’s Syndrome is an immune system disorder that’s marked by dry eyes and a dry mouth. The condition occurs when your body’s immune system responds by mistaking healthy body parts for invaders and attacks them. The mistaken attack usually affects body parts that secrete fluids, such as saliva and tears. This medical condition affects approximately 0.1 to 4 percent of Americans. Women account for 90 percent of its patients. Although most diagnoses occur after patients hit 40 years of age, the disease can affect persons of all ages. A patient may report varied symptoms like the inability to secrete eye moisture, saliva, and, later on, joint pain. Women may also suffer vaginal dryness.

Other signs include decayed teeth, tooth loss, mouth dryness, dry cough, chewing and swallowing difficulties, speaking challenges and salivary gland inflammation. This condition can have severe effects unless a patient undergoes timely treatment. Early therapy often lets a patient manage its symptoms well. Otherwise, it could cause severe complications that damage affected body tissues. A patient may also develop disabling visual challenges, pneumonia, and other respiratory problems. Its other complications are kidney problems, weakness, fatigue, and joint pain that grossly impairs one’s living quality. Thus, it’s most likely a patient might need to stop working until the condition heals.


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