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A stroke is a health condition that occurs when blood supply to a section of your brain is reduced or disrupted.
The disruption or reduction denies brain tissue sufficient nutrients and oxygen, causing rapid cell death. This may lead to permanent damage, including disability.
After a stroke, you may be unable to return to work. An attorney can work with you to help you obtain the disability benefits you need to support yourself.

Success With Disability Claims for Strokes

This medical condition is an emergency, and any delay in seeking treatment could cause severe long-term complications and death. A stroke patient may exhibit different symptoms. Some of these signs include challenges talking and grasping what one’s hearing, a paralyzed or numb face, leg, or arm, one section of the mouth droops when one tries to smile or visual difficulties with one or both eyes. Other symptoms may be an abrupt, severe headache that may be followed by vomiting and dizziness, or walking problems like stumbling, lost balance, and difficulty coordinating one’s legs.

The good news is that modern treatment can often address the condition if it’s diagnosed and treated early. That’s why the American Heart Association recommends calling 911 immediately because “time lost is brain lost.” However, treatment depends on the type of stroke that was suffered. Late treatment could cause various complications that grossly interfere with one’s occupational productivity, causing job loss. Common complications include brain damage, long-term disabilities, depression, severe speech disorders and chronic headaches.


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