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Traumatic Brain Injury


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TBI refers to an injury that disrupts the brain’s ability to function as usual, which is typically caused by physical trauma.
TBI can cause a number of neurological symptoms, including vision loss, weakness, memory loss, amnesia and unconsciousness.
TBI often affects one’s ability to work due to compromised physical and mental capabilities, so disability benefits may be necessary.

Success With Disability Claims For Traumatic Brain Injury

Traumatic brain injury (TBI) involves a disruption in the brain’s normal functioning due to head trauma, violent shaking of the head, or oxygen deprivation. It’s estimated that 2.87 million Americans suffered from TBI in a recent year, and 837,000 injuries affected children. Additionally, 13.5 million Americans live with disabilities caused by TBI. Anyone can suffer from TBI. Some of the leading causes include falls, sports injuries, bullet wounds, physical assault, car accidents, infections and much more. TBI patients can manifest different clinical signs, such as decreased consciousness, forgetting what happened and other memory loss or amnesia, vision loss and blurring, acute muscle weakness, inability to focus, confusion and more.

Some individuals develop impaired speech and reading ability, as well as paralysis or coma. Fortunately, medical professionals can offer various treatment options that help patients recover from TBI. Treatment also assists in reducing or eliminating some physical, cognitive, and emotional disabilities caused by the TBI. The specific type of treatment prescribed will depend on the brain injury’s severity and location. TBI complications include impaired decision-making, challenges grasping what others are saying, and unusual difficulties processing simple information. A patient might also face difficulties expressing their thoughts. These mental challenges can grossly undermine one’s ability to perform and retain their jobs.


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