Success With Disability Claims for Vision Loss

Vision Loss


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From glaucoma to cataracts, there are many causes of vision loss. About 12 million adults over 40 have a vision-related disability.
Vision loss may cause difficulties with balance and functioning. It’s common to experience emotional challenges as well.
Since vision loss can cause severe impairment, it may be necessary to file a disability claim to obtain support if you cannot work.

Success With Disability Claims for Vision Loss

Vision loss is a widespread problem among working-age individuals, and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reports that vision difficulties are among the top ten disabilities among adults. This issue is also prevalent among American children. Additionally, the CDC estimates reveal that 12 million Americans aged 40 and above suffer from some form of visual disability. These figures include more than 1 million legally blind persons. Factors like cataracts, eye trauma, glaucoma, detached retinas, inflamed optic nerves, and damaged retinas cause vision loss. Different medical remedies treat vision loss. These treatment options differ, depending on the visual loss’s type and cause.

An eye specialist treats the core disease causing the visual impairment and manages the patient’s symptoms by prescribing optical aids. Physical therapy assists a patient in balancing themselves and walking safely. Therapy can also teach patients how to utilize walking canes for those who need them. An occupational therapist helps patients with normal daily tasks and teaches them to utilize optical aids. Furthermore, a therapist may assist patients in coping with their vision impairment’s emotional challenges. Vision loss still causes huge economic losses, as it can cause its victims to lose their ability to perform their jobs. Some people with vision loss might be forced to stop working.


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