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Disability Benefit Timeline: How Long Do You Have To Be Out of Work To Apply?

Applying for disability benefits can be a confusing process. If you are in the process, you may be wondering about your estimated disability benefit timeline. However, the answer is rarely ever simple. Each disability case depends on a variety of factors, and no two cases have the exact same timeline. Connecting with an experienced disability attorney can help you navigate the disability process easier and allow you to have a more definitive estimate of how long you have to be out of work to apply for benefits. 

Factors That Contribute to a Disability Decision

Long term disability is often awarded to individuals who are incapable of working for periods of longer than three to six months. Because long term disability is more permanent than short-term disability requirements and contributing factors are often more substantial. However, it’s important to note that receiving short term disability is frequently the first step in being eligible for long term disability. Your employee handbook may detail how to manage your short term disability, but if you are disabled for more than their detailed short term disability period, you may begin applying for long term disability. 

Factors that contribute to eligibility for long-term disability include whether your conditions qualify for disability, the details of your necessary disability plan, whether you’re eligible to work a different type of job, your age and restrictions, and the presence of any pre-existing conditions. Applying for disability can be confusing and change based on the plan, so consulting a law firm that has experience in representing disability cases may help interpret your policy and identify your eligibility. 

When Should a Claimant Inform Their Insurance?

The time frame in which you inform your insurance company about your prospective long term insurance depends on your situation. If you’ve had short term disability and exhausted those benefits, and your medical provider takes you out of work for additional time, it may be best to notify your insurance company that a claim is to be expected. This is especially true if you have no allotted absences or sick time for your prospective time off. If the discussed time of your disability doesn’t truly occur, it is at no fault of you – the disability period simply won’t begin. Thus, notifying insurance beforehand could save you time and stress, as there’s no harm done if the longer time isn’t necessary after all. This means that you can theoretically apply for disability the day that you identify that your disability will prevent you from long term work. If you are questioning whether it’s time to discuss your potential long term disability with your insurance company, it could be helpful to talk with an experienced disability lawyer. 

Work With a Disability Lawyer

If you need assistance in understanding the process or timeline behind applying for disability benefits, it could help to work with an experienced disability lawyer. The attorneys at Bartolic Law handle many types of disability cases and can get you the help you need in your disability pursuit. Contact us today to schedule a consultation and identify how we can best assist you today.

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