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How to Prove Your Disability When Applying for LTD Benefits

Talk With A Long Term Disability Lawyer When Applying For Benefits

If you are disabled and unable to work, and are therefore seeking benefits through your long term disability insurance policy or employer-sponsored group insurance policy, you will need to prove the extent of your disability in order to qualify. In fact, failure to prove a disability is one of the most common reasons that long term disability applications are denied. Here are some things that you must do in order to prove your disability and improve your chances of your claim’s approval:

Understand Your Policy’s Definition of a Disability

Many policies’ disability definitions are updated frequently, meaning that unless you have recently read your policy, you may not qualify based on what you thought. Further, keep an eye out for different policy types. For example, an own occupation long term disability (LTD) policy means that you are able qualify if you are unable to perform your specific occupation (like the job you hold at the time of disability); on the other hand, an any occupation LTD policy means that in order to qualify for benefits, you are unable to work in any job for which you may reasonably be qualified. Knowing your policy language could make or break your case.

Get the Right Medical Evidence

The right medical evidence is one of the most critical parts of your claim for long term disability insurance benefits. The right medical evidence means that you have evidence and documentation to prove that you:

  • Are receiving regular medical treatment for your injuries;
  • Are following the prescribed treatment from the doctor;
  • Have a disability that is long term;
  • Suffer from a condition that is disabling; and
  • Are unable to work as a result of this condition and disability.

In order to prove the above, it will be essential for you to get a doctor’s statement, or perhaps even multiple doctors’ statements. You will also need to be sure that your application contains no missing medical records – this is the quickest way for your claim to get denied.

Hire an Experienced Illinois LTD Lawyer

Another way to improve your chances of your claim for long term disability insurance benefits being approved and gather the evidence necessary to prove your disability is to hire an experienced Illinois long term disability lawyer. A long term disability lawyer knows how to decipher tough language contained in LTD insurance policies, how to gather the right evidence to prove a disability and that you deserve benefits, and how to a file an application accurately and in full.

Contact Our Law Offices Today

At Bartolic Law, our Illinois long term disability lawyers are able to competently represent you during your application for disability benefits. If your application is denied, contact us. We are highly experienced in ERISA LTD claims and the appeals process.

You can reach us by phone, or contact us online today. A consultation is completely free.

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