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How to Speak with Your Doctor Regarding a Long Term Disability Claim

One of the most challenging things claimants experience is asking their doctors to fill out forms and give physician statements about how the patient’s medical condition makes it impossible to perform their job duties. This is the most crucial part of avoiding a disability insurance claim denial, whether the claim is for short-term disability (STD) or long-term disability (LTD).

How to Ask Your Physician to Help with Your Disability Benefit Claim

Your doctor’s goal is to make you feel better and get back to functioning in your everyday life, which the physician often assumes will get you back to work. The notes physicians write on the chart are notorious for being cursory and not providing the detail needed to support your disability insurance benefits claim.

The insurance company will ask the health care provider to fill out a form or submit an Attending Physician Statement. We find physicians need some guidance about what the insurance company asks for.

The Importance of the Medical Documentation

The key to having your claim approved, regardless of what stage you’re at in your claims process, whether your initial claim or in the appeals process, is for your doctors to understand your job duties. This includes all physicians involved in your medical care: your primary care doctor, internal medicine physician, neurologist, orthopedist, etc.

Physicians need to understand the struggles you encounter every day. They need to know how the symptoms you are facing limit you in doing your work. To achieve this, they need to know what is expected of you every day at work and how your medical problems prevent you from performing those jobs. They need to understand how your limitations impact the degree of physical, mental, or intellectual functionality on your ability to do the required functions of your occupation.

Providing Your Physicians a Guide

It is often helpful to tell your doctors that you have employed a professional who deals with disability insurance companies and disability claims. The disability insurance lawyer has provided a guide on what the company wants from the doctors.

Some doctors may know you so well that they do not have to rely on your chart. They only make quick notes.

How Our Disability Lawyers Can Help In Your Situation

We provide you with a free consultation to discuss your claim. We start by asking you to deliver us a copy of your policy. If you have encountered a denied disability claim, we ask you to send a copy of your denial letter. After we review these documents, we will let you know how we can assist you and what our fees are. Typically, you pay us nothing unless we obtain benefits for you.

We also assist those who have had their claim denied and need to appeal. We know your need for disability benefits and look forward to assisting you. We look forward to having the chance to speak with you. Contact us today. 

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