Bartolic Law handles Long Term Disability cases at all stages, from filing a claim to lawsuits under ERISA § 502(a). We are who the most discerning clients hire when an insurer denies their claim, and the one they wish they had when another firm loses their appeal and abandons the case. We are Innovative, Authentic, Compassionate, Transparent and Chicago strong. Bartolic Law is nationally renowned for our Innovative work:

Success with Prudential

Bartolic Law has worked with clients insured by Prudential at all stages. In one case, Prudential denied short-term disability benefits to a client who suffered from bilateral cervical radiculopathy, and the client’s work in account management required frequent computer use. Despite multiple surgeries, the client remained unable to function at work. Working closely with our client’s doctors to detail the symptoms and impact of medications, we obtained full approval, and the client continues to receive payments. Another time, Prudential denied a claim by a Network Engineer with Parkinson’s disease. By getting more detailed explanations of the rigidity and tremors, and demonstration of the formation of pill rolling tremors, we demonstrated why the client would not perform mouse/keyboard work, resulting in Prudential agreeing our client was disabled. Bartolic Law has also represented many nurses affiliated with the Philippine Nurses Association of Illinois insured by Prudential. Many times, we demonstrated the physical demands of their clinical work being incompatible with the restrictions and limitations, and the earnings of other sedentary nursing positions not meeting the earnings requirement of “any occupation” disability. We have also successfully represented numerous City of Chicago employees insured by Prudential. These clients’ jobs often involve standing and walking, and chronic back pain limits their ability to be on their feet.

Prudential Insurance Company of America

Bartolic Law has extensive experience handling Prudential long-term disability denials. Prudential issues many group long-term disability insurance policies around Chicago, both to private employers, enforced under ERISA § 502(a), and public institutions subject to Illinois insurance law. We have represented clients under all types of Prudential policies. Because Prudential issues only group policies, its claims handling process is identical whether or not subject to ERISA.Prudential’s group policies are often worded identically from employer to employer. Due to our numerous cases handled, we have seen many policies and identified when deviations from standard language correlate with denials that may be appropriate under other policies’ language, but not the one at issue.


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