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An important connection. Why you should seek legal advice for Short Term Disability claim resolution.

The last thing anyone needs when they are dealing with a medical emergency or complication is dealing with pushback from insurance companies. From your point of view, the situation is straightforward. From the insurance company’s point of view it is an opportunity to question everything. Your individual primary concern is your changing medical situation. The insurance company has the personnel resources and the experience to immediately set in motion multitude of procedures whereby they seek to minimize their losses.

Many people ignore the advice to seek legal advice from an experienced short term disability attorney. However, the sooner you consult with a legal firm that has resolved many short term disability cases, the better the outcome, especially long term.

You may not even be thinking about it at this time, but your short term disability may lead to a long term disability. The insurance company knew this from the day you submitted your initial short term disability claim and they have corresponded with you with that in mind.

That is the important connection to keep in mind: Your long term disability benefits eligibility depends on how your short term disability claim is resolved.

If your short term disability benefits have been denied, and even the appeal process has not been successful, you may not collect any long term disability benefits, either.

Even if you successfully navigated the initial short term disability claim and received you benefits, the insurance company could terminate those short-term disability benefits prematurely, which will most likely disqualify you from receiving long term disability benefits unless you appeal that decision.

Lastly, if you become frustrated with the short term disability claim denial and decide to stop fighting the insurance industry because your claim involves a small amount of money, think twice. You may think you can handle the financial burden of short term disability, however, if there are any lingering effects from your medical condition, you will not be eligible for any long term benefits without certain conditions being met, one of the most important ones being the valid short term disability claim.

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