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Mistakes Made by Others Could Result in Denial of Your Long Term Disability Benefits

Long term disability (LTD) benefits provided through your employer are a lifeline in the event an injury or illness prevents you from working. Unfortunately, after working for a particular company for years without making any claims, it can come as a shock to find your benefits denied or disputed at the exact time you need the most. 

There are actions on your part that may have resulted in a denial, such as not visiting the doctor regularly, not completing benefit claims forms property, or engaging in activities that are inconsistent with your level of disability. At the same time, there are also actions or inactions on the part of others that may have resulted in denied LTD benefits. The following are four of the most common. 

Errors in Processing Your Claim

According to the Insurance Information Institute (III), long term disability benefits typically represent 60% of your usual salary. These payments can help ensure bills and household expenses are paid. After filing your claim, it is important to keep up with any correspondence you receive from your employer or the insurance company during this time and to ask questions if the process of getting approved is delayed. Simple clerical errors on their part, such as misplacing your file, could end up resulting in an LTD benefit denial. 

Failure to Provide Proper Medical Records 

Getting a firm diagnosis of your medical condition and following your doctor’s recommendations regarding treatments plays an important role in obtaining long term disability benefits. In situations where you took the appropriate steps but received a denial, check to ensure your provider did not make a mistake in submitting medical records, testing results, or other documents requested. 

Mistakes in How Your Condition is Categorized

Long term disability insurance policies often have long lists of exclusions and conditions that are not covered. One of the first steps to take when filing an LTD claim is to review all policy-related documents. The Employee Retirement Income Security Act of 1974 (ERISA) requires your employer to provide these at your request. Even if you fit the criteria, there is a chance a mistake was made by the insurance in how it was categorized. 

Failure to Maintain the Policy

Plan administrators have a fiduciary duty to manage LTD plans wisely. Mistakes on their part in terms of managing policies and maintaining coverage could be behind your denial of benefits. 

Contact Our Chicago LTD Lawyer

At Bartolic Law, we can help ensure your claim is filed properly, avoiding costly mistakes. For help in getting the benefits you deserve, contact our Chicago long term disability lawyer to schedule a consultation. 

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