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Bartolic Law handles Long Term Disability cases at all stages, from filing a claim to lawsuits under ERISA § 502(a). We are who the most discerning clients hire when an insurer denies their claim, and the one they wish they had when another firm loses their appeal and abandons the case. We are Innovative, Authentic, Compassionate, Transparent and Chicago strong. Bartolic Law is nationally renowned for our Innovative work:

According to the American Dental Association, around 1 out of 4 dentists will be disabled long enough to qualify for benefits.
Dentists may be entitled to certain disability coverage, yet many do not receive their rightful benefits due to misleading policies.
Bartolic Law assists Chicago-area dentists misled by a poor disability policy. Let us assist you in claiming your benefits.

Why Do Dentists Need Disability Insurance?

After many years of school and practice, there are many reasons why a disability might keep a dentist from working. Find out how disability insurance benefits could help you with that, and why you should work with a trusted disability insurance attorney to make the most of those benefits. It’s an unfortunate fact of life, but aging will inevitably leave us more vulnerable to suffering illnesses, injury, and subsequent disability as a result.

Of course, we all want to do everything in our power to minimize how hard life’s curveballs hit us, but they’ll inevitably be thrown at some point. And before they’re thrown, it’s best to be prepared and have your catcher’s mitt ready to brace for impact. Dental healthcare is a profession that requires very precise, very careful, and very impeccable handiwork. Suppose an illness or injury prevents you from performing that kind of physical handiwork. In that case, it’s helpful to have a contingency plan implemented that will keep you afloat, even if you lose wages that you would’ve been able to make otherwise.

Disability insurance premiums might seem to add up in the long term, but you’ll end up getting a lot in return if you suffer a disabling medical condition. Total disability coverage means that you’ll be eligible to receive about 60% of your pre-tax income (equivalent to the take-home pay you would’ve made had you been able to work) for the duration you’re out of work. However, before committing to any one policy, read the fine print to ensure that it offers “own-occupation” coverage. If a plan only offers “any occupation” coverage, then that means you can only receive benefits if you’ve ended up too disabled to work any job.

Since dentistry is an extremely niche field of health and wellness that people go through years of rigorous schooling to perform, it’s doubtful that you’d want to move into a vastly different career from the one you had before the disability. That’s why own-occupation coverage is the ideal option here. But what do you do if you go with a disability plan that you thought was good, only to receive a raw deal regardless? Are delays, negligence, detailed paperwork, and long lines keeping you from receiving the benefits you deserve?


People work hard and long to become dentists, and if you cannot work, contact a Chicago disability benefits attorney.

Claim Your Benefits With Bartolic Law

If you or someone you know is a Chicago-area dentist who was misled by a poor disability policy, then let us lead you on the right path. Bartolic Law has worked tirelessly to serve Chicago workers dealing with ERISA § 502(a)(1)(B)1 matters, helping over 2,000 of them fight to obtain the benefits they deserve. If you want to stop stressing and finally start smiling with some peace of mind, contact us today to begin building your case!

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