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Bartolic Law handles Long Term Disability cases at all stages, from filing a claim to lawsuits under ERISA § 502(a). We are who the most discerning clients hire when an insurer denies their claim, and the one they wish they had when another firm loses their appeal and abandons the case. We are Innovative, Authentic, Compassionate, Transparent and Chicago strong. Bartolic Law is nationally renowned for our Innovative work:

IT support professionals are specialists who regularly do lots of work with their hands and spend long hours at a desk.
Since an IT support professional’s work generally consists of deskwork, disability claims may be denied based on incorrect assumptions about a person’s physical capabilities related to their job.
If you’re unable to work as an IT support professional due to an illness or disability, an experienced attorney can help you pursue the benefits you need.

Success With Disability Claims for IT Support Professionals

Bartolic Law helps IT Support Professionals when they need support. We have helped individuals making long-term disability claims, appealing denied disability claims, and litigating denied long-term disability claims. In one case, our client suffered from bilateral epicondylitis, cubital tunnel syndrome, and carpal tunnel syndrome, after decades of heavy computer work in IT. The client tried multiple treatment modalities to no avail. When the insurer denied our client’s long-term disability claim, the client called Bartolic Law for help. We created a record of attempts at every method of available treatment for the conditions, and got the client’s doctors to explain the treatment history and failed attempts to alleviate the client’s pain. We also obtained an upper-extremity specific functional capacity evaluation that measured the client’s ability to perform the types of tasks specific to computer work. We demonstrated such an occupation could not be modified with any speech recognition tools, due to the nature of the software programs used in IT Support. After much effort, we were able to get the client’s claim approved, and keep it in pay status, allowing the client to transition to medical retirement with dignity.

Many, many people in nearly every industry rely on the expertise of information technology (IT) support professionals to keep networks, computers, software, and other technology in the workplace running smoothly. The COVID-19 pandemic demonstrated just how integral technology can be in every profession, as it allowed people to work from home and keep businesses going, and IT support professionals played a major role in this. What happens when you develop a disability that stops you from being able to work in your job as an IT support professional?

This can be a distressing situation, and you likely need to turn to your disability insurance coverage for help. The unfortunate truth is that the claim process to seek disability benefits rarely goes smoothly. Instead, insurance companies will try to increase their own profits by challenging your claim. They can claim you have insufficient documentation of your disability or that your condition should not prevent you from working. If you experience difficulties in the claim process, speak with a Chicago disability benefits lawyer right away. We can also help you from the start of the claim process to minimize complications for you.


If you’re struggling to get the benefits you need to get by, then we’ll fight to obtain the benefits you deserve. Contact us today to learn more!

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IT Support Professionals perform heavy work on computers and must have fine manual dexterity on a frequent to constant basis. Illnesses and injuries like Carpal Tunnel Syndrome or Cervical Radiculopathy, can be particularly debilitating. IT Support Professionals spend most of their day looking at a computer screen. Progression of ocular illnesses and balance disorders make heavy computer work particularly challenging. If your IT support career is threatened due to a disability, your first call should be to Bartolic Law. We handle disability claims for many professionals, so please contact‌ ‌us‌ to learn about our services and for a free case evaluation.

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